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Activists explain #WhyIStudyRevolution

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is pleased to present a new book, Revolution Manifesto: Understanding Marx and Lenin’s Theory of Revolution from Liberation Media.
Revolution Manifesto
addresses why the capitalist government and its enforcers are set up against the people, and why, in order to win radical change, we need a revolution that builds a new state on new foundations.

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These are not just theoretical questions – Revolution Manifesto aims at addressing some of the pressing questions facing the movement for justice and liberation. Activists have been taking to social media to explain #WhyIStudyRevolution. Check out some posts below, and tweet, post or blog your reason!

CassieRM“Our world is filled with poverty, war, hunger, racism, and so many other injustices. And what are we to do about it? We can distract ourselves and pretend we are removed from the worst of it. We can focus on ourselves and ignore the suffering of others. Or we can be the catalysts for change in the world. That is ‪#‎WhyIStudyRevolution. Because if we want change we should study successful movements for change and learn from them. That’s why I’m reading the @pslweb’s new book ‘Revolution Manifesto.’”

– Cassie Regan

Danny and Bryan RM“What sense would this world of inequality and injustice make if we’re not for my comrades? And what sense would anything make if it were not for our efforts to understand the source of so much pain and suffering, fight back on every front and ultimately win!


– Danny Shaw and Bryan Castro

Karla RM“As this past year has taught me, a century worth of history can happen in just a week. How do we know what the next steps are? We study history and evaluate the context of our times. I have learned more by applying historical lessons to the fight in the streets than I ever could have if I isolated theory from practice. #WhyIStudyRevolution”

– Karla Reyes

Ben RM“Our new book (in our new center). Some people talk about “burn out” among activists. It is connected to the fact that 99% of what we do as organizers under capitalism is fight *against* the injustices of this world, which can appear never-ending. But only with a sharp understanding of the world we are fighting *for* — a world without such injustices — and what it will take to get there, can one’s commitment be maintained and strengthened over the long term. The job of organization is to connect the day-to-day struggles with that revolutionary vision. #WhyIStudyRevolution #WeCantDoItAlone”

– Ben Becker

image“#whyistudyrevolution Becuz something has to give. Environmental destruction, global war, unemployment rising”

– Yari Osorio

11694852_10153516612478293_8039842492505916201_n“Growing up, I always wondered why the so-called “American Dream” seemed so difficult to attain for the even the most hard-working and well-educated adults I knew, like my parents who worked endlessly to provide a livable home and food on the table for my siblings and I. I didn’t understand why the homeless, poor, and hungry were blamed for their circumstances and faced tremendous hardships in attaining help. Our society teaches us that we do not have a right to shelter, a job, food, education, or healthcare, even as we face systematic oppression on the basis of our gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability. This is why I study the revolutionary politics of Marx, who condemns the exploitative system of capitalism and champions socialism- a system in which all are guaranteed access to economic and social justice. The Party for Socialism and Liberation – PSL has published an incredible look into Marxist theory and why we must become revolutionaries to end the violence and oppression of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and LGBTQIA oppression.”

– Monica Joy

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