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Albuquerque marches for Gaza

A loud and passionate crowd of 250 people marched through downtown Albuquerque on  August 2 in support of Gaza. The marchers, reflecting the diverse spectrum of Albuquerque citizens, were of all ages and many religions and ethnicities.

This war, like all wars, is about killing. War is supposed to be about taking the life of someone who has the capacity to harm you. The children in Palestine, however, have no capacity to harm the Israeli soldiers who are killing them. This does not fit the definition of combat. This is murder. This is genocide. This is the systematic killing of all life systems in Gaza.

This is the murder of communities of Gaza, carried out by the destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, water systems, and power systems.

This is the murder of the economic system of Palestine, carried out by strangling it with a blockade that severely limits the entry of all manner
of civilian goods including food, construction materials, medicine and commercial goods needed for people to establish a livelihood.

This is the murder of the political system of Palestine, carried out by the United States government and the Israeli government, both of whom are intent upon destroying the unity government.

This is the murder of a people, the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The people of Gaza must be allowed to live free!

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