Placards read – “Murderer AKP”, “Women resisting will not give in”

All 550 candidates of the Communist Party (CP), Turkey that will be running in the upcoming elections in June are women.

According to a recent statement released by the CP, the reason for choosing all women candidates is not simply about the active participation of women in the political struggle but because it is only women who can represent the rebellion against a social order that thrives on murdering and humiliating them on a daily basis.

The statement also noted that the women candidates of the party are the actual personification of the stance against the reactionary AKP (Justice and Development) regime. According to the CP, the active involvement of women in the social and political life can not be achieved simply by having a balanced representation of the “woman identity” in the bourgeois elections.

The fact that all the CP candidates are women has nothing to do with “identity politics” as some might be inclined to assume and has everything to do with making a statement to the whole society of Turkey that the liberation of working class women can only happen through women leading the struggle against not only women’s oppression but the overall system of exploitation itself.

This is indeed a great example of how intervention in bourgeois elections can be a powerful tactic for revolutionaries in a country like Turkey, in a period when social, political and human rights of women have been under constant attack for the last 12 years at the hands of AKP.

In Turkey, in addition to attacks on reproductive rights, women’s social and political rights have generally been under ass