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Anti-Trump student walkouts in Seattle area

On Nov. 14, students around the U.S. walked out of class to protest the racist Trump agenda. Some 5,000 high school students marched in Seattle. Liberation News was there at University of Washington-Bothell, where just days after the election, several Trump supporters forced Muslim women to remove their hijabs.

Organized by club leaders and members of the student council, the walkout started with chanting: “UWB – Walkout,” in the Plaza, an area central to UWB’s three major buildings.

Organizers took to the megaphone and talked about the hate-crime incident. In addition, a racist leaflet had been seen. Students demanded that the school halt plans to hire a full time police officer, and instead fund a diversity center.

After many professors spoke in solidarity, the walkout turned into a march to the police station. Along the way marchers chanted “Who’s lives matter? Black lives matter!” and  “Hey hey, ho ho! Donald Trump has got to go!”

On the way back through school, marchers were cheered by professors and staff as they marched through the halls. The protest ended on a note of “Organize!”

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