Columbus PSL meeting discusses socialism

The Party for Socialism and Liberation held a forum titled
“What Would a People’s Government Look Like?” Jan. 31 at Capital
University in Columbus, Ohio. Over twenty people attended the meeting from
across Columbus representing a diverse group of students, teachers and others.

The meeting commemorated the release of the new program of
the PSL, Socialism and Liberation in the United States. Speakers included
Corey Ansel, a PSL member and student at the university, as well as John
Beacham, the Midwest Coordinator of the PSL.

The discussions ranged from topics, such as the role of the
working class in a people’s government to the possibility of socialism in the
United States. Participants from the crowd shared their perspectives, which
included key questions regarding the movement and struggle for socialism.

Speakers noted that the working class produces all wealth in
society, but that it is concentrated in the hands of the banking and corporate
elite. The working class is divided by prejudices such as racism, sexism and
homophobia, which would all be eliminated under a people’s government.

Ansel spoke about the role of imperialism in the world today
stating, “Imperialism is not a policy choice. It is intertwined with the system
of capitalism to maintain the rule of the elite over the working and oppressed
peoples of the world.”

Even after the meeting, discussion ensued regarding the new
program. While many at the meeting are interested in socialism as an
alternative, some were hearing about it for the very first time as a real
solution to exploitation. Many signed up to receive updates from the PSL and
purchased copies of Liberation newspaper. 

Building a people’s government is more necessary today than
ever before. The PSL, through its program and its activism, seeks to make this
a reality.

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