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Detroit fast food workers rally for $15 an hour

Around 500 fast food workers and their supporters held a mass rally and march May 19 as part of a Detroit Citywide Day of Action for a $15 an hour minimum wage and a union. They rallied at the McDonald’s at Van Dyke near 8 Mile on Detroit’s East side. The rally was organized by D15.

Kenyatta Cochran described how she has worked at McDonalds for three years and only makes $10 an hour. Her daughter was born around the time the COVID pandemic began, and she is scared to go to work every day because the potential health risk. Cochran said it was time for Mcdonalds to value its workers, and take the $5 billion in profit they made last year and use it to pay a living wage.

Von Turner described working 30 hours a week with no benefits at Popeyes. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, Popeyes raised its workers’ pay to $15 an hour. But in March of this year, they lowered the wages of the workers back to $10 an hour.

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