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Every year all members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation participate in a National Fund Drive. Like a union or many other types of working-class organizations, we know the only way to be politically independent of the capitalist class is to be financially independent from it. We appeal to our friends and supporters to contribute to this fund.

This past year you have received weekly emails from the PSL entitled, “From the Frontlines of the Struggle.” A collage of just a few of the issues covered in these weekly reports reflects how the PSL has immersed itself in so many struggles carried out by working class and oppressed people against the capitalist system. And as Pride month opens, we are reminded how urgent it is to stand up to the attacks of the right wing. Help us continue and expand this work

Legalize abortion once and for all!

Atlanta PSL members organized a rally in February in front of Georgia’s capitol building, calling for the passing of the Reproductive Freedom Act. This would protect the right to abortion under Georgia law, repeal all bans on abortion, end funding to crisis pregnancy centers, and protect against criminalization.

Missouri defends trans rights!

Over 300 Missourians gathered at the capitol building in Jefferson City in April to protest the state’s vicious attack on trans people. A march past the Governor’s Mansion to the Supreme Court Building followed, accompanied by chants against Andrew Bailey and the Missouri legislature.

Money for our needs, not the war machine!

On March 18, the PSL joined with hundreds of endorsing organizations to mobilize across different cities to rally to demand money for people’s needs not the war machine, anchored by a national demonstration attended by thousands in front the of White House in Washington, D.C.

Justice for Tyre Nichols!

The brutal murder of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols by five Memphis police officers has outraged the country, which has seen no reprieve from racist police terror. In January, protests took place nationwide—many of them led by the PSL—as footage of the murder was released to the public.

Free Palestine!

The PSL helped organize activities held to commemorate Land Day on March 30, a day honoring the struggle for Palestinian self-determination.

The struggle for Palestinian liberation is an inspiration for all struggling peoples globally!

End the blockade of Cuba!

As the United Nations General Assembly debated for the 30th time a resolution condemning the U.S. blockade of Cuba, PSL organizers joined thousands of people across the country November 2-3 in solidarity demonstrations demanding an end to this indefensible policy.

Rallies support rail workers

PSL organizers came together in Washington, D.C. for an emergency rally Nov. 29 after Biden took the side of billionaire railway bosses and called for Congress to force workers to accept the tentative agreement without sick leave.

Tenants shut down board meeting, demand a rent rollback!

PSL and other tenant activists shut down the New York City Rent Guidelines Board preliminary vote meeting in April, where they voted on the highest potential hike in a decade. Tenants chanted “Rent rollback!” and “Tenant power!” to drown out much of the meeting.

From the launch of national initiatives to putting organizers and speakers on the road, to supporting and coordinating local organizing, to producing PSL publications, and to deepening our international solidarity work — the National Fund Drive is essential. Through our members’ dedication of their time, finances, collective work, and sacrifice, the PSL has helped build and sustain movements against oppression and for liberation. We ask for your donation to give us the financial resources to continue to push the struggle forward.

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