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Eyewitness: week of action to end U.S. blockade on Cuba

On Nov. 2 and 3, the United Nations General Assembly debated for the 30th time a resolution condemning the U.S. blockade of Cuba. Solidarity organizations across the country organized actions in coordination with that vote with one message: We stand with the world as the world stands with Cuba and condemn the equally unjust and unjustified designation by the U.S. of Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism.”

New York City

On Oct. 29, a march of about 100 people started in Times Square and marched through Manhattan to the United Nations building for a rally demanding, “End the blockade on Cuba! Take Cuba off the state sponsors of terrorism list!” Called by Code Pink, the action was attended by The People’s Forum, the New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Communist Party USA and Workers World Party.

At the UN rally, Milagros Rivera, president of the Committee in Solidarity with Cuba of Puerto Rico proclaimed, “We have the ability to bring down the blockade! We have to do it through militancy, education, organizing and reaching out to all communities. Together we WILL smash this blockade!”

Protesters prepare to march in Times Square. Liberation photo

San Francisco

On Nov. 3, about 100 solidarity activists rallied outside Nancy Pelosi’s office at the Federal Building, then marched to United Nations Plaza. The event was co-sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition – Bay Area, Bay Area Cuba Saving Lives, CODEPINK, Democratic Socialists of America – San Francisco, Task Force on the Americas, and Venceremos Brigade Bay Area, and endorsed by Arab Resource & Organizing Center, Haiti Action Committee, Cuba & Venezuela Solidarity Committee, Black Alliance for Peace Solidarity Network (West), Freedom Archives, Clinica Martin Baro San Francisco, Catalyst Project, Palestinian Youth Movement Bay Area, PSL – Bay Area, Race and Resistance Studies at SF State, WWP, International Action Center, Gabriela Oakland, Oakland Socialist Workers Party, Peace and Freedom Party, National Lawyers’ Guild – SF Bay Area and CISPES Bay Area.

After the opening rally, the crowd marched over to United Nations Plaza, which was named in recognition of the fact that the United Nations Charter was signed in San Francisco in 1945. At the base of the statue of Simón Bolívar, speakers made the case for why the unilateral, illegal and cruel actions of the United States towards Cuba and countless other countries and peoples of the world are in direct opposition to everything the United Nations claims to represent.

San Francisco joins the world in standing with Cuba. Photo courtesy of Steve Patt. Used with permission.

Washington, D.C.

On Nov. 2, the ANSWER Coalition called a rally at the White House. The action was endorsed by PSL, CODEPINK, Friends of Latin America, Democratic Socialists of America, Claudia Jones School, Council of Hemispheric Affairs and U.S. Labor Against Racism and War.

At the rally, Luz Rodriguez, member of PSL stated: “Cuba is not a terrorist threat, what is a threat to the Untied States is Cuba’s socialist system. Cuba’s socialist system allows it to do things like develop vaccines, to give workers power over their lives, to have democracy at the local and grassroots level. While the United States funds wars in Yemen and Ukraine, Cuba has sent doctors and medical aid all across the world, yet Cuba is the one labeled a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Washington, D.C. activists and community members in front of White House demand Biden let Cuba live. Photo courtesy of Yifan Huang. Used with permission.


On Nov. 2 the Chicago Cuba Coalition sponsored a speakout at the Federal Plaza. The action was endorsed by PSL, Code Pink, Chicago For Abortion Rights and Southsiders for Peace. Nino Brown of PSL stated at the rally, “We are on the right side of history. We are with the overwhelming majority of people of the world that demand this criminal and genocidal blockade be ended.”

Protesters speak out at Federal Plaza to demand the Biden administration lift the blockade on Cuba. Liberation photo


On Oct. 30, the Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba hosted a rally and car caravan. The action was endorsed by PSL Milwaukee, Students for a Democratic Society at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Peace Action of Wisconsin.

Attendees at Cuba solidarity caravan hold signs demanding an end to the blockade. Liberation photo


On Oct. 30, members of the Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee led chants and did mass outreach at the Capitol Hill neighborhood Farmers’ Market. Participating organizations included PSL, WWP and SWP.

Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee action at the Capitol Hill Farmers’ Market, Oct. 30. Liberation photo

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