From the frontlines of struggle: The PSL in action this week

Every day, PSL members across the country are fighting for the working class in our neighborhoods, at our jobs and anywhere people are facing injustice. Whether it’s the movement against racist police brutality, environmental destruction, imperialist war or any of the other crimes of capitalism, we are constantly putting our politics into practice. Find out more about how to join the struggle here!

Week of May 15

Stop the wall! Build the park!

San Diego, CA—On Mothers Day PSL San Diego joined Friends of Friendship Park for a rally on the Mexico border, in solidarity with mothers and families separated by the border wall. We also demanded Friendship Park be reopened and protected from further building of the wall.

Our rally was in collaboration with organizers in Tijuana who met us at the border wall, with our chants, signs and art mirroring each other.

While hundreds of migrants are separated from their families, denied asylum and forced into cruel conditions, Biden and the Democrats have done nothing. We call for full rights for all immigrants and the abolition of ICE and the inhumane policies of detention and family separation!

Housing is a human right!

New York City, NY—PSL NYC joined tenants and tenant organizations to demand that the Rent Guidelines Board stop the proposed rent hikes!

While New Yorkers are facing a multitude of economic crises, Eric Adams’ administration is siding with landlords and pushing for up to a 7% increase on rent for 2.4 million rent-stabilized tenants. Landlords do not deserve to line their pockets with our hard-earned money, especially while they do nothing to repair our hazardous living conditions.

It was the tenant struggle that won rent stabilization, and it is tenant power that can stop the mayor-appointed, undemocratic Rent Guidelines Board from dismantling it. What we need is a rent rollback, not hike!

Let Cuba live!

Columbus, OH—PSL Columbus dropped a banner above Ohio State Road 315 to agitate against the criminal U.S. blockade against Cuba. Cuba solidarity activists demand the end of the blockade, and the removal of Cuba from the United States’ “state sponsors of terrorism” list!

PSL Columbus, along with the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization/Pastors for Peace, is organizing a Cuba Night event to raise funds for sending medical aid to Cuban doctors and communities!

Creating revolutionary art

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta held a screen printing class at the Liberation Center! Local artist and PSL member Jasmine taught attendees how to use screen and woodblock printing to make beautiful prints. Jasmine recently returned from a trip to Cuba and has been especially inspired by the role of art in the Cuban Revolution.

Art and culture have always played an important role in revolutionary social movements. As we rebuild and strengthen the movement for abortion rights, for all democratic rights, and for socialism, art will remain an important vehicle of expression and communication for all who are fighting for a just and humane world.

D.C. holds Revolutionary Open Mic!

Washington, D.C.—PSL D.C held their May Revolutionary Open Mic night!

There is always a need for cultural and artistic contributions to the movement for working and oppressed people, and attendees and performers believe in the fact that another world is not only possible, but necessary!

Their next open mic will be held June 17 and will celebrate Juneteenth!

Atlanta holds forum on immigrant rights amid Biden’s border crackdown

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta and the Shutdown Folkston ICE Processing Center Campaign held a forum on the struggle for immigrant rights.

Speakers identified the root cause of the migration crisis as U.S. imperialism. U.S. wars, interventions, sanctions, and policies have destabilized countries and force people to flee. Refugees from Latin America make their way to the U.S. border where they are met by the U.S. military and the ICE prison system. The U.S. government is the cause of this migration and has a responsibility to provide refuge for asylum-seekers!

Week of May 8

Full rights for all immigrants and asylum seekers!

Matamoros, MX—Over the weekend, PSL Texas crossed the border into Mexico to speak to migrants trying to apply for asylum, as they waited by the thousands in makeshift tent cities.

With the Biden administration’s new repressive immigration policies, these migrants have no idea how long they will be waiting.

No matter what side of the border you were born on, all workers want the same thing: a decent life where you’re safe and your needs are met.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Nationwide—Over the weekend, PSL chapters across the country joined rallies to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, in which 750,000 Palestinians were displaced in the creation of Israel.

While Zionist violence intensifies year after year, the Palestinian people remain firm in their struggle, as masses of poor and oppressed people across the globe stand up and fight back alongside them.

We will continue to fight for a free and liberated Palestine!

Justice for Banko Brown!

San Francisco, CA—PSL Bay Area held a rally and march demanding justice for Banko Brown, a Black trans man shot and killed by a Walgreens security guard after allegedly walking out with a few dollars worth of food.

San Francisco PD and DA Brooke Jenkins have refused to release the video footage.

PSL demands the DA’s office release the tapes and police reports! Being poor should not be a death sentence!

Shut down corporate profits! No ConEd rate hike!

New York City, NY—On Friday, PSL New York City held a banner-making session for their Stop the ConEd Rate Hikes campaign!

This is a struggle against the greedy price gouging by the energy company, which is proposing a 20-30% rate hike on both gas and electricity. The Public Service Commission has opened a public case for this rate hike and the court is set to make a decision in June after a period of public input.

Florida holds queer liberation forum

Tampa Bay, FL—PSL Tampa Bay held a Queer Liberation School forum on Reaganism, the AIDS crisis, and the people’s resistance that came with it.

This series was started in the wake of the ongoing rampant attacks to the LGBTQ+ community and public education. The time to fight back is NOW!

History shows us that when we unite and fight back, we win!

Lancaster community protests book ban

Hempfield, PA—PSL Lancaster joined community members for a rally organized in response to an attempt to ban books at Hempfield School District.

Hempfield School Board members and a small number of residents are demanding the district ban books that in line with a right-wing, fundamentalist world view. Students should be allowed to read books that reflect who they are!

Week of May 1

Justice for Jordan Neely!

New York City, NY—On Friday night, PSL NYC, along with hundreds of other protestors marched through lower Manhattan demanding justice for Jordan Neely.

Neely was a 30-year-old homeless Black man murdered on a northbound F train in Manhattan earlier in the week. Neely had not attacked anyone on the train or behaved violently, yet he was put into a chokehold and strangled to death by a 24-year-old white ex-Marine after voicing his frustration about being hungry and thirsty.

Justice for Jordan! People’s needs over profits!

Justice for Lashawn Thompson!

Atlanta, GA—On Saturday, PSL Atlanta and community organizations called a rally in support of Lashawn Thompson.

Lashawn Thompson was a 35-year-old Black man, locked away for 3 months in Fulton County Jail prior to his death.

News has since emerged that Lashawn was found dead in a jail cell, “eaten alive by bedbugs,” in September of 2022. His family held a press conference, calling for justice.

Justice for Lashawn! We need a new system that prioritizes human life!

Women’s liberation now!

Boston, MA—PSL Boston organized a study group for the latest issue of Breaking the Chains: The Political Economy of Women’s Liberation!

Women in the U.S. perform $1.4 trillion of unpaid labor in the home every year. reproductive work—raising children, education, and taking care of elders—is some of the most essential work to keep our society running, but capitalism undervalues this work and forces women to shoulder most of the burden.

We need a socialist system, where working and oppressed people control the economy and the government, to end women’s oppression!

Tenants shut down board meeting, demand a rent rollback!

New York City, NY—ONYC PSL and other tenant activists shut down the Rent Guidelines Board preliminary vote meeting, where they approved a rent increase of up to 5% on one-year leases and up to 7% on two-year leases for rent-stabilized apartments, and would compound on large rent hikes approved last year. This is the highest potential hike in a decade.

Tenants chanted “Rent rollback!” and “Tenant power!” to drown out much of the meeting, showing that New Yorkers do not accept the legitimacy of the unelected RGB. Tenants can not take another rent hike!

The RGB makes their final vote on 2023’s rent increase in June, but tenants are united in the fight for a rent rollback!

D.C. tenants demand a rent cap!

Washington, D.C.—PSL D.C. and other tenants mobilized in response to a historic 8.9% rent increase on rent-controlled units—a third of all rentals units in D.C.

So far, Mayor Bowser and the Council have made it clear they prioritize landlords’ profits over the people who make DC run.

It’ll take a strong movement of tenants and residents across DC to put an end to these historic rent hikes and build a new housing system that puts people first!

Shut down Steward Detention Center!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta joined other immigrants rights organizations to protest Stewart Detention Center. SDC is an ICE immigrant prison responsible for 11 deaths since its opening in 2006. Most recently, 61 year old Salvador Vargas died in custody in April of this year.

The U.S. capitalist system creates a need to seek refuge by destabilizing nations worldwide, but persecutes refugees who come to the US seeking stability and safety.

We demand an end to racist mass incarceration!

Week of April 24

Youth leaders travel to Cuba, break the siege

Cuba—PSL members joined over 150 young leaders from a diversity of organizations in traveling to Cuba for a historic brigade organized by the International People’s Assembly.

Over the course of ten days, the brigade met with different sectors of Cuban society such as artists, scientists, young people, labor organizers, LGBTQI+, community, and anti-racist activists. They had the opportunity to hear firsthand about the impact of six decades of the illegal U.S. blockade and how despite this, the Cuban people resist and continue to develop their nation!

Workers of the world unite!

Nationwide—On Monday, PSL organizers organized and joined in rallies for May Day.

As we mark May Day—International Workers’ Day—one thing is clear: Life under this system keeps getting harder and harder for working people.

May Day is about standing up and saying that workers should have the power! Instead of a tiny handful of bankers and corporate executives, the people should run the economy and the government so we can meet the needs of the people and the planet!

Missouri defends trans rights!

Jefferson City, MO—Over 300 Missourians gathered at the capitol building against the state’s vicious attack on trans people. A march past the Governor’s Mansion to the Supreme Court Building followed, accompanied by chants against Andrew Bailey and the Missouri legislature. The rally concluded on the steps of the capitol in a powerful show of unity and force.

Trans adolescents and adults now face new levels of harassment and violence, and are being bullied to stop their health care treatments. None of this makes the working people of Missouri stronger or more united. It’s time to come together and fight for jobs, education, housing, health care, equal rights and social peace for all. Acting together, we can take on the corporate elites who run the state and control both parties in Washington!

Justice for Eric Holmes!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta joined Eric Holmes’ family in the fight for justice against police terror!

Eric Holmes was a 19-year-old Black youth who was shot in the back outside his workplace by Clayton County Police.

The police claimed to the media that Eric was stealing the car, but the charges have been dropped. Once Vakelvion Holmes, his mother, started uncovering the truth, Lieutenant A. Smithwick and Captain Maddux abruptly retired. The grand jury has yet to decide whether to press charges against the officers responsible.

The PSL and Holmes’ family demand that the media clear Eric’s name, and for the officer responsible to be locked up. Jail killer cops!

Boston organizes student leadership school

Boston, MA—Last weekend, PSL Boston held the inaugural Ella Baker School of Student Organizing and Leadership at the Boston Liberation Center!

During the day-long school, students and organizers collectively studied the history, strategy and tactics necessary to continue the fight — for justice for Faisal and other victims of police violence, and for a better world—a socialist world!

Community discusses housing under socialism

New York City, NY—PSL NYC held a Socialist Reconstruction study group where community members discussed what housing could look like under socialism!

Participants spoke about their own experiences with the current housing system. Whether it’s necessary repairs never taking place, fearing not being able to afford a home to retire in, or being bombarded with constant rent increases, it is clear that we need a new housing system for the working class!

Week of April 17, 2023

NYC Stands with UPS workers!

New York City, NY—PSL NYC members joined UPS workers who rallied as part of contract negotiations that could lead to a massive nationwide strike. The current contract is expiring at the end of July.

Workers spoke about a two-tiered wage regime, split shifts — which forces some workers to sleep in their cars to make their next shift — and poverty wages.

UPS made $13 billion last year in pure profit but it says the people who made that $13 billion don’t even deserve a raise. Workers are giving UPS until July to meet their demands, or face a national strike.

The whole working class has a stake in the struggle of the UPS workers against this corporate giant.

Shut down immigrant jails!

Atlanta, GA—On April 15, PSL Atlanta joined a rally outside of Folkston ICE Processing Center, one of the country’s worst immigration jails, in solidarity with the prisoners inside demanding an end to the the FIPC’s inhumane conditions and human rights abuses, and the immediate closure of the jail itself.

The protest was held as close as about 50 feet from the jail yard, where the men chanted, yelled, and spoke about their conditions through the barbed wire and chain-linked fences.

After an hour, the guards forced the men to go back inside under threat of retaliation.

They chanted as they went back in, promising to keep building the movement with us!

OSU: Divest from Fossil Fuels NOW!

Columbus, OH—On Earth Day, PSL Columbus co-sponsored and joined a march for climate justice at the Ohio State University with Ohio Youth for Climate Justice and the Columbus Revolutionary Study Group.

Organizers, students, and community members marched to demand that OSU divest from fossil fuels, and to demand a future free from the climate crisis caused by capitalism.

Justice for Lashawn Thompson!

Atlanta, GA—On Thursday, PSL Atlanta attended a press conference and rally for Lashawn Thompson.

On September 13, 2022, Lashawn Thompson, a 35-year-old Black man, was found dead inside of a filthy jail cell in Fulton County, Georgia. News has since emerged that he was “eaten alive” by bed bugs, three months after he was arrested for a misdemeanor.

Justice for Lashawn Thompson! Shut down the jail!

Drop the charges against Jordan Young!

Albany, NY—PSL Albany joined a rally held by the Center for Law and Justice outside of the District Attorney’s Office demanding all charges against Jordan Young be dropped.

On January 22, 2022, Jordan Young was shot by police while walking his dog. Jordan has endured 23 surgeries, with more scheduled.

The DA is charging Jordan Young with Menacing a Police Officer and Attempted Aggravated Assault upon a Police Officer, which carry a mandatory prison sentence. Due to Jordan’s injuries, prison would be a death sentence.

Justice demands these charges be dropped!

University of Michigan graduate workers on strike!

Detroit, MI—PSL Detroit joined striking University of Michigan graduate workers on the picket line, following their huge win last week defeating the university’s attempt at an injunction against the union. Last month, after 130+ hours of negotiations the workers were denied every ask of their new contract and had been instead offered a pay cut! The workers have been on strike since March 29.

The university has officially cut pay for the entire month of April. This behavior exposes the university’s plan to try to suffocate the strike beyond the semester end but the union will not give into these tactics and will not capitulate!

Week of April 10, 2023

We stand with Palestine!

Philadelphia, PA—PSL Philly, Anakbayan, Black Alliance for Peace, Drexel Community for Justice, the Palestinian Youth Movement, and Swarthmore Students for Justice in Palestine rallied to support the Palestinian people’s struggle against Israeli occupation and U.S. imperialism!

The most recent acts of violence against Palestinians at Al-Aqsa mosque and beyond by Israeli forces is outrageous and shows the need for us to build a movement to fight within the belly of the beast!

Solidarity with all university workers in Illinois!

Chicago, IL—On April 11, PSL Chicago joined labor leaders of UPI Local 4100, faculty, and staff rallying at Governors State University.

A wave of labor struggles swept across several Illinois universities this week. Workers at Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Chicago State University, and Northeastern Illinois University were either striking or holding strike authorization votes.

We stand with faculty fighting for better pay and working conditions, and more support for their students!

University of South Carolina rejects fascism

Columbia, SC—Students, workers, and community members rallied to reject fascism on the University of South Carolina campus. The rally was a bold response to a failed right-wing attempt to intimidate those at a recent PSL meeting on campus: the week before, a right-wing USC student infiltrated the event, stood up at the front of the room and threatened the attendees with violence.

This is part of a larger attempt by the right wing to silence people’s movements and stop them from organizing.

We refuse to be intimidated by threats of violence and will continue to organize!

Defend climate activists!

Minneapolis, MN—PSL organizers staged a speakout at the Minneapolis City Hall on Wednesday in solidarity with climate activists who have been criminalized simply for demanding a more sustainable future.

These activists have recently organized against the city’s efforts to poison their neighborhoods with toxic dust from the planned Roof Depot demolition. In response, the city and media have colluded to brand these organizers as “terroristic” and “dangerous.”

From this current climate struggle here in Minneapolis to protesting the construction of “Cop City” in Atlanta — defend our neighbors, defend our environment!

St. Louis rallies against latest attack on trans rights

St. Louis, MO—PSL St. Louis held an emergency rally for trans rights in response to the most recent major far-right attack: Last week, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey moved to ban gender-affirming healthcare being provided to minors, and imposed outrageous new restrictions on gender-affirming care for adults.

We stand in solidarity with the trans community! Only together can we push back these far-right attacks!

NE Ohio fights for tenants rights

Cleveland, OH—PSL Northeast Ohio joined Greater Cleveland Housing Justice Coalition and Black Nationalists of New Afrika to canvas Ward 5 and spoke to community members about the urgent housing crisis and rent strike at Winton Manor apartments. The group encouraged businesses to post fliers and residents to contact city council to take action against property managers Evergreen Real Estate.

We stand with our neighbors at Winton Manor and will continue to fight for them and housing rights for all!

Week of April 3, 2023

New York City stands with Palestine

New York City, NY—PSL NYC members attended a rally in Times Square in support of Palestine after the recent attacks by Israeli occupation forces on Al-Aqsa during the holy month of Ramadan.

The PSL fully supports the Palestinian people and their heroic resistance in the face of genocide. Since both political parties are committed to the U.S. alliance with the Israeli apartheid regime, it will take a mass movement in the U.S. to bring an end to the killing. End all U.S. aid to Israel!

Community holds forum on how to create truly public libraries

Indianapolis, IN—PSL Indianapolis held a community forum in support of library workers and to discuss the community struggle for a truly public library!

Organizers from the Indianapolis Liberation Center talked about the undemocratic nature of governing board appointments, the importance of community engagement in local politics, and how to create a new structure of the board that is actually democratic. The community came up with some great ideas so stay tuned!

Thousands march in defense of trans rights

San Francisco, CA—PSL Bay Area marched with thousands in defense of LGBTQ rights in light of increasing attacks against trans people and youth from the right wing. Many were also mourning the sudden passing of local community anchor and drag queen, Heklina.

Members of the community lifted up calls to defend trans youth, honor San Francisco’s multigenerational LGBTQ community, and to call for a national movement to fight back against the erosions of our rights!

Food service workers demand fair contract now!

Boston, MA—PSL Boston joined Unite Here Local 26 food service workers for a rally on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus to demand a fair contract.

With negotiations set to start on Monday, Local 26 workers demand fair pay, sick time, and respect on the job! We stand in solidarity!

As worker stated at the rally, “They disrespect us all the time and they go against the contract all the time…But now it’s time for them to listen!”

Brooklyn makes clear: Housing is a human right!

New York City, NY— As the weather warmed up, PSL NYC members did tenant rights outreach at the Brooklyn Museum, meeting with community members to discuss housing concerns and what their rights are.

One thing was made perfectly clear with everyone that they spoke to—Brooklyn housing has been targeted for far too long! Housing is our human right!

We Won’t Go Back, We Will Fight Back!

San Antonio, TX—PSL San Antonio hosted a forum titled, “The Long History of LGBTQ Resistance,” featuring lifelong activist and LGBTQ freedom fighter Preston Wood!

The attacks on our most basic democratic rights and very existence are under increasing attack by right wing. But the resistance is growing! New generations of militant activists are taking the lead and finding direction from the freedom fighters of Stonewall!

Week of March 27, 2023

When trans rights are under attack, stand up fight back!

NATIONWIDE—On March 31, PSL members organized and joined actions across the country commemorating Trans Day of Visibility.

This year’s Trans Day of Visibility was one of the most important in recent memory. Amidst growing attacks across the country, it is more important than ever that progressive people everywhere stand with the trans community in solidarity, fighting back against bigoted right-wing assaults!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta, along with Palestinian Youth Movement and Students for Justice in Palestine, held a screening of the documentary Gaza Fights for Freedom at Emory University. The film documents atrocities committed against Palestinians in Gaza and the events of the Great March of Return.

The U.S. government is a steadfast supporter of apartheid in Palestine. We demand an end to all U.S. funding and weapons aid to Israel!

Palestinian activists mark Land Day

Washington, D.C.—PSL D.C., International People’s Assembly, and Palestine activists Palestinian Youth Movement held a demonstration to commemorate Land Day, a day honoring the struggle for Palestinian self-determination.

The struggle for Palestinian liberation is an inspiration for all struggling peoples globally!

Repeal Georgia’s abortion ban!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta held a rally outside the Nathan Deal Judicial Center to demand the repeal of the unjust six-week abortion ban as the Georgia Supreme Court heard arguments on the case inside the building.

We refuse to accept a post-Roe reality! Only a people’s movement can protect our most basic democratic rights! The right to abortion is nonnegotiable!

Brooklyn community hosts Socialist Reconstruction study group

New York City, NY— PSL NYC organized a Socialist Reconstruction study group in Brooklyn to discuss what infrastructure would look like under socialism!

Participants gathered to collectively imagine a humane future for housing, transportation, and public spaces.

They then discussed actionable steps to take in their own neighborhoods to build a system for people, not profit!

Save our mosque!

Raleigh, NC—PSL Carolinas gathered with community members gathered to call on the Shaw University administration to reopen the King Khalid mosque. Since 1983, this mosque has been a place of worship, fellowship, and community support in Raleigh.

The administration closed the mosque to the public under the pretense of COVID. But Shaw University has applied for rezoning, which will further gentrify the area and close the mosque permanently. Reopen Masjid King Khalid!

Week of March 20, 2023

Starbucks workers on strike!

NATIONWIDE—On March 22, PSL organizers across the country joined Starbucks workers on the picket line as they went on strike!

Nationally, stores have been waiting months to years for a contract and continue to face union busting, poor work conditions, and bullying by management.

Workers will continue to fight for what they deserve!

Bay Area holds forum on banking crisis

San Francisco, CA—PSL Bay Area hosted a forum on the banking crisis and the tech industry.

Speakers discussed bank bailouts, organizing tech, and how socialism would create a better world for tech and solve the problems created by capitalist crisis!

One of the speakers, a worker from Alphabet workers, discussed how they were making big strides in organizing tech, especially after the recent string of layoffs.

Community honors John Collado

New York City, NY—PSL NYC and community members gathered for a street-naming ceremony in honor of John Collado, whose life was tragically cut short when he was shot and killed by an NYPD officer when attempting to break up a fight.

After over a year of petitioning, John Collado Way was officially put on the map on what would have been his 54th birthday. Now, Collado’s memory will be preserved forever, and his sacrifice for his community will never be forgotten.

The fight against police brutality continues!

Fight back against attacks on trans rights!

Pittsburgh, PA—PSL Pittsburgh joined a student-led rally on the University of Pittsburgh campus to fight back against the attacks on trans rights to protest the transphobic speaker series hosted by Turning Point USA.

This right-wing language denies the existence of transgender people and further endangers their lives.

We will NOT be erased! Unite and fight for LGBTQ+ liberation!

Justice for Charles McNeair!

Lexington, NC— PSL Carolinas organizers joined protestors in demanding justice for Charles McNeair.

McNeair was wrongly sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16 for second degree rape and breaking and entering. He has spent over 43 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

The community demands Governor Roy Cooper to free McNeair now!

Organizers distribute food and supplies to community

Miami Valley, OH—Last weekend, PSL Miami Valley and the Coalition for Community Safety provided free food, hot drinks, hygiene products, and harm reduction supplies to about a hundred of their community members, as part of their Unity and Survival program.

We work to build unity in our communities, and fight to end the problems created by capitalism. We need a whole new system!

Week of March 13, 2023

This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. On Saturday, the PSL, along with hundreds of endorsing organizations, mobilized across different cities to rally to demand money for people’s needs not the war machine, anchored by a national demonstration attended by thousands in front the of White House in Washington, D.C.

Key demands of the nationwide actions included an end to U.S./NATO escalation in Ukraine, an end to all U.S. wars and sanctions; abolishing NATO and AFRICOM; no war with China; ending all U.S. aid to Israel; U.S. hands off Haiti; and freeing all political prisoners, among others.

March 18 represents the launch of a new chapter in the anti-war movement, and we will continue fighting to end the U.S. war machine!

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

San Francisco, California

Providence, Rhode Island

Los Angeles, California

Chicago, Illinois

Week of March 6, 2023

Stop Cop City!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta joined hundreds of community members, students, and organizers to rally against police terror for the Stop Cop City National Day of Action.

Speakers called out elected officials, including Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens and the Atlanta City Council, and expressed that these politicians are not in line with the demands of the people.

The people of Atlanta are demanding solutions to the housing crisis, poverty, and lack of access to healthcare, yet the politicians decide to lease this land to further terrorize Black working-class people.

We demand justice for Tortuguita, Tyre Nichols, and all victims of police terror. Drop the charges, and free all political prisoners! Stop Cop City!

Save Chinatown!

Philadelphia, PA—PSL Philadelphia joined university students led by Students for the Preservation of Chinatown and Coalition to Save the UC Townhomes to rally against developers responsible for the displacement and destruction of Philly neighborhoods.

Students attempted to deliver a message to the board of trustees, who were meeting at the Inn at Penn—but the board shamefully could not face the students and called on the police to keep them out! The board of trustees meetings should be public!

From West Philly to Chinatown, we join the students in demanding that Penn and other universities must cut ties with the 76ers arena project, the people’s townhomes destruction, and all gentrifying developers in our city!

San Antonio drag show draws 100+!

San Antonio, TX—PSL San Antonio’s International Women’s Day drag show event drew over 100 attendees!

The rightwing is on the offensive. Drag shows are under attack from vigilantes and rightwing state legislatures, this is part of an intensifying assault on the democratic rights of women and LGBTQ people, exemplified by the overthrow of Roe. More and more people are drawing the conclusion that a system that puts profit over people—capitalism—is inherently undemocratic. Constant attacks on working class communities is the result!

This year’s IWD drag show in San Antonio was an example of the unification of the art, culture and political resistance of the people!

Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta held a speakout for International Women’s Day! IWD is a day with roots in the labor movement and the struggles of working women. Attendees spoke with conviction, making connections between the horrors of capitalism and women’s issues. As speakers chanted, passers-by cheered and sang along.

Every issue is an issue that affects women and gender oppressed people from immigrant and migrant rights to mass incarceration, the struggle for reproductive and LGBTQ rights, the fight for higher wages and free healthcare and more. As a community, we can come together to organize to fight for the needs of all working class people. A better world is possible!

Solidarity with residents of UC Townhomes!

Philadelphia, PA—Drexel Community for Justice students invited PSL Philly organizers to come share lessons from their experience in the 2018 Occupy ICE movement during their sit-in on Drexel University’s campus.

DCJ’s demands include removing Brett Altman and David Adelman from Drexel’s Real Estate Advisory Board and committing $10 million to the preservation of the UC Townhomes as low-income housing.

Universities should be a place of learning, not an investment fund or the instruments of eviction and destruction of Black and brown working communities!

Close the camps and free them all!

San Diego, CA—PSL San Diego joined community members and the Free Them All Coalition for a solidarity rally at the Western Region Detention Facility. It was one of the many solidarity rallies held across the state of California.

Eighty detainees at Mesa Verde and Golden State Annex detention centers have been undergoing a hunger strike since Feb. 17 due to inhumane conditions, such as being served spoiled food, given inadequate medical attention, lack of heating in dorms, working for $1 a day, and many other reasons.

It is time to close the camps and treat human beings who are searching for a better life with respect and dignity!

Week of Feb. 27, 2023

Honor women’s resistance!

New York City, NY—PSL organizers in New York City kicked off their International Women’s Day programming with a rally in Brooklyn.

They spoke out on the central message of IWD: ALL issues that face the working class are women’s issues! Rapid inflation, anti-trans legislation, imperialism forcing workers to immigrate to the centers of capitalism just to be able to feed their families—these are all issues that women, as members of the working class, face on a daily basis.

Much like there is no socialism that doesn’t combat racism, there can be no socialism that doesn’t fight to end the oppression of women.

A woman’s place is in the struggle!

Pass SB 125! Rent control now!

Atlanta, GA—PSL organizers joined with community members at the Georgia State Capitol to call for the passage of SB 125, a bill that would repeal the state ban on rent control.

Since its introduction in early February, Senator Donzella James remains its only sponsor, which reflects the corporate interests of politicians in the state legislature, many of whom are landlords themselves.

Rent control is necessary and popular, but it is only possible with the support of a mass movement. The only force strong enough to push even right-wing politicians to pass progressive legislation is working class people willing to protest, organize, and fight back!

Students demand: Justice for Faisal!

Boston, MA—PSL Boston joined over 200 students from over seven universities, along with dozens of community members to occupy the first floor of Cambridge City Hall, demanding justice for Arif Sayed Faisal, who was murdered by Cambridge police.

The message was clear: justice will not be handed down from the city, but taken by the people! As UMass Boston student Grace told the crowd, “As students of these universities and as residents of these communities we have a responsibility and we have a power to hold the city of Cambridge and its police department accountable.”

Pass the Austin Police Oversight Act!

Austin, TX—PSL Austin and friends met to work out the details of their campaign to help pass the Austin Police Oversight Act!

In recent years, Austin Police have brutalized and murdered community members with impunity. Meanwhile, the department receives almost $450 million in taxpayer dollars each year, but try to limit community oversight and say.

The group is studying the history of police oversight in Austin and strategizing how they can secure the community’s right to police oversight in May.

Stand up for public education!

Tampa Bay, FL—PSL Tampa Bay joined the people of Sarasota in the streets to reject the far right takeover of New College and the war on public education in Florida!

The protest demonstrated that educators, students, and working people as a whole reject the transphobic, homophobic and racist bills against education Ron DeSantis continues to churn out!

Strong communities for a strong working class!

Miami Valley, OH—PSL organizers in Miami Valley, along with Sisterbaby Community Solutions and the Dayton Black Panther Party, hosted a community cleanup in the Westwood area of Dayton.

Together they worked to improve the local environment and create a healthier, safer community. Anything is possible when the working class comes together!

Week of Feb. 20, 2023

Justice for Matthew Felix

New York City, NY— On the third anniversary of Matthew Felix’s murder at the hands of police, the Felix family, members of the NYC PSL, and the local community held a vigil in Queens to remember his life and to seek accountability.

In June 2021, New York State Attorney Letitia James announced that no charges would be filed against the Nassau county police officers who pursued Matthew in unmarked vehicles and fatally shot him. The family and community members are demanding the case be reopened and the officers prosecuted.

Unity & Survival Program feed community members

Miami Valley, OH—The Miami Valley PSL, along with Coalition for Community Safety and several volunteers, came out to Piatt Park in Cincinnati and served close to 200 members of the community a free meal, warm beverages, as well as hygiene and harm reduction supplies as part of their Unity & Survival Free Meal Program.

We are dedicated to serving our community and fighting for a better world together. But we hold no illusions that this is enough. None of us can do it alone, but by building relationships and solidarity throughout our community we can fight for a better world.

Save Chinatown!

Philadelphia, PA—Members of Philly PSL collected signatures to fight against the proposed Sixers arena, the construction of which would destroy Chinatown.

The city is almost universally opposed to this reckless, irresponsible, racist $1.3 billion project.

Don’t let this cash grab ruin the city and destroy working class neighborhoods!

Columbus hosts Black Power and African Liberation study group

Columbus, OH—Columbus PSL and Black Men Build co-hosted a socialist study group on Black Power and African Liberation.

Covering the development of Black Power as an ideology and as a practice, to Pan-Africanism, the Marxist method, and scientific socialism, participants were able to discuss history and practice, read together, and plan to organize for liberation!

A Better New York Legal Assistance Group workers on strike!

New York City, NY—NYC PSL joined the workers of A Better New York Legal Assistance Group on their picket line last week. NYLAG members are on strike for fair pay, access to healthcare, and sustainable work schedules!

After over eight months of bargaining, NYLAG refuses to grant good working conditions to their attorneys, paralegals, counselors and other workers who provide essential legal services for working class New Yorkers facing deportations, evictions, workers’ rights violations and more.

The NYC PSL stands in solidarity with these workers, who refuse to let their employer take advantage of the passion these workers have for serving their class!

Legalize abortion once and for all!

Atlanta, GA—Atlanta PSL members organized a rally in front of Georgia’s capitol building, calling for the passing of the Reproductive Freedom Act.

This piece of legislation would protect the right to abortion under Georgia law, repeal all bans on abortion including the 6-week ban, end funding to crisis pregnancy centers, and would protect against criminalization of pregnancy loss.

Since the bill’s introduction, there has been no urgency by legislators to push its passage.

The PSL will continue to demand that Georgia’s legislature makes passing the Reproductive Freedom Act a priority in this legislative session!

Week of Feb. 13, 2023

Tenants unite against landlords

Atlanta, GA— PSL Atlanta joined tenants from Beacon Ridge apartments and homeowners from Camelot Condominiums at the South Fulton City Council meeting to bring attention to the horrible conditions created by the management and owners.

Tenants must organize to build mass pressure on the corporate landlords who continue to collect government rental assistance and raise rents while doing nothing to address hazardous, filthy conditions that endanger tenants’ lives!

PSL DC organizing tenants

Washington, D.C.— Organizers from PSL DC have been out speaking with residents at Kelly Miller and Ledroit apartments in Ledroit Park as they deal with criminal abandonment by the city. Many report horrendous and unlivable conditions in their units, yet little being done by DC Housing Authority. The DC branch has been organizing, documenting, and helping with repairs as they talk with residents.

More to come on what residents are building here!

Philly joins graduate workers on picket line

Philadelphia, PA—PSL joined hundreds of supporters and marched through campus in solidarity with the ongoing strike by the Temple University Graduate Students’ Association! Undeterred by the administration’s union busting—such as revoking healthcare and tuition remission for students striking—the union is standing strong in their demands for fair wages, parental leave, and family health benefits, among other basic dignities every worker should be afforded!

Columbus teaches Socialism 101

Columbus, OH—PSL Columbus gave a presentation at a local high school about capitalism and the need for socialism. Organizers discussed class, the means of production, labor-value, imperialism and more! They also talked about the inherent exploitative nature of capitalism, and how the only way we can break out of this destruction and despair is through building socialism!

The future is in the youth, and together we’re fighting for a better world—a socialist world!

Justice for Deandre Matthews NOW!

New York City, NY—Members of NYC PSL attended the vigil for Deandre Matthews, a young, gay, Black man from Brooklyn, who was murdered in a vicious attack on Feb. 7. In the midst of a climate of rising hostility towards queer and trans people — particularly queer and trans people of color — we demand justice for Deandre and his family!

We echo the family’s demand that this brutal attack be investigated as a hate crime. As we wait for more information to come to light, we as a community must come together to support Deandre’s family in their time of need.

Homophobia and transphobia has to go!

Atlanta screens Incident at Oglala

Atlanta, GA—The Atlanta Liberation Center hosted a film screening and discussion of Incident at Oglala, a documentary based on the trials of American Indian Movement activists Robert Robideau, Darrell Butler, and Leonard Peltier.

Feb. 6 was the 48th anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of 78-year-old Indigenous activist Leonard Peltier, who remains in U.S. federal prison, despite worldwide demands for his freedom. His imprisonment for a crime he did not commit demonstrates how discriminatory and cruel the U.S. government is towards figures within liberation movements.

Free Leonard Peltier and all political prisoners now!

Week of Feb. 6, 2023

Free Leonard Peltier!

Albuquerque, NM—PSL organizers joined an action to demand freedom for Leonard Peltier on the 48th anniversary of his incarceration.

Leonard Peltier is now 78 years old and has spent almost half a century behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

The truth is that the US government knowingly and falsely incarcerated him in an attempt to destroy the American Indian Movement of which Leonard was an active participant. Leonard is one of many behind bars still to this day, like those who were rounded up during the murderous US COINTELPRO operation which targeted Black liberation, antiwar, and other radical movements.

Justice for Faisal!

Boston, MA—Boston PSL hosted their first cross campus meeting this past Thursday at MIT! They heard from students across the Greater Boston area including Umass Boston, Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts, Harvard, and Emerson on why they they are motivated to build the fight to demand justice for Arif Faisal Sayed  and all victims of racist police terror.

Our demands:

1. Release the names of the officers involved
2. Release the unredacted police report
3. Immediately fire the officers who murdered Faisal
4. Prosecute them to the full extent of the law

Atlanta honors Black History Month

Atlanta, GA—In honor of Black History Month, PSL Atlanta held a film screening and discussion of the Dr. Martin Luther King documentary King in the Wilderness at the Atlanta Liberation Center.

Let’s honor Dr. King and all leaders of the civil rights revolution by building towards a new revolutionary movement in the United States.

NE Ohio hosts panel discussion on “The Woman Worker”

Northeast OH—Organizers hosted a panel discussion on the launch of the latest issue of Breaking the Chains, titled “The Woman Worker” at Mac’s Books.

In the spirit of honoring women workers in the labor movement, the panel also heard from workers of Starbucks United.

There can be no liberation without women’s liberation!

Stop ConEd Price Hikes!

New York City, NY—PSL members took to the streets to do outreach and petitioning over Con Edison’s price hikes. ConEd has been sending people electricity and gas bills sometimes over twice their usual amount. The company claims this is due to costs of energy, but the monopoly has left New Yorkers stranded with bills too high to pay and worried that their power will be shut off this winter.

And community members made it clear:

-NO ConEd price hikes!!
-Reinstate the utilities shutoff moratorium!
-Reinstate the Stock Transfer Tax on Wall Street!

Philly hosts Socialist Reconstruction panel

Philadelphia, PA—The Philadelphia branch of PSL organized a panel and discussion of the book Socialist Reconstruction. 

Panelists included experts, who are all also community organizers, on subjects from urban planning, law and public safety, and environmental justice.

Each panelist detailed how a socialist reconstruction would work to meet the needs of the people instead of exploiting the poor and working class in Philadelphia specifically.

Let’s reconstruct our city together!

Week of Jan. 30, 2023

Stop the Con-Ed rate hike!

New York City, NY—PSL organizers in Queens held a street meeting outside Queens Center Mall to talk to members of the community about the recent 20-30% rate hikes on their monthly ConEd energy bills. 

We need publicly-owned utilities and a socialist system that actually meets our needs!

PSL Baltimore hosts forum on abortion

Baltimore, MD—PSL Baltimore hosted a public forum on women’s healthcare and abortion rights, continuing the struggle following the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Community members discussed the history of abortion rights, the Dobbs decision, and what abortion/healthcare looks like in Cuba!

Free Pedro Castillo!

Washington, D.C.—The Party for Socialism and Liberation held a press conference with PEX No Al Golpe, CODEPINK, and the ANSWER Coalition in demanding the immediate resignation of de facto President of Peru Dina Boluarte and the immediate release of constitutional President Pedro Castillo from prison. We stand with the people’s struggle for democracy in Peru! 

End Israeli apartheid!

Washington, D.C—PSL D.C. was proud to join other community members of the Palestinian solidarity movement in denouncing the recent Zionist terror on the people of Palestine. Hundreds showed up in the frigid cold to stand with Palestine!

Palestinian resistance is always justified against racist Zionist violence!

Cuba, si! Bloqueo, no!

Martinsburg, West Virginia—PSL West Virginia hosted a Cuba night with People of Worth, Inc., where a PSL organizer discussed their recent trip to the country. Attendees learned about Cuba, the Cuban revolution, and what daily life is like under U.S. blockade.

Community members discuss housing crisis

Providence, Rhode Island—PSL Rhode Island had a town hall event where community members discussed solutions to the housing crisis. Attendees also read parts of the “Infrastructural Renewal: Housing and Transportation” chapter from the book Socialist Reconstruction to envision how housing will be a public good under socialism.

Week of Jan. 23, 2023

The brutal murder of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols by five Memphis police officers has outraged the country, which has seen no reprieve from racist police terror. This weekend, protests took place nationwide—many of them led by the PSL—as footage of the murder was released Friday night.

The war on Black America must end! The only way to turn the tide is through the unified and determined resistance of the people. The people can defeat police terror!

Boston, Massachusetts

Atlanta, Georgia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

San Antonio, Texas

New York City, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Columbus, Ohio

Houston, Texas

Salt Lake City, Utah

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Week of Jan. 16, 2023

Texas statewide day of protest for abortion rights

Texas—On the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, abortion rights demonstrations took place across the state of Texas, home of many of the country’s most restrictive anti-abortion laws. Coordinated actions were organized in San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Houston and Dallas demanding legalization of abortion once-and-for-all!

Fight racism, poverty, and war!

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta joined the annual Atlanta MLK March to honor Dr. King’s legacy of opposing racism, poverty and war—what he described as the three evil of society.

Let’s continue to honor Dr. King’s legacy by fighting every day for a socialist system that will defeat racist oppression!

Justice For Herman Whitfield III!

Indianapolis, IN—Indianapolis stood with the Whitfield family on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to demand Justice For Herman Whitfield III!

The federal judge ordered Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to turn over the unedited body camera footage, which showed officers electrocuting and suffocating Whitfield in front of his parents.

Fire and indict Steven Sanchez, Matthew Virt, Nicholas Mathew, Jordan Bull, Dominique Clark and Adam Ahmad NOW!

Socialist Reconstruction outreach

Los Angeles, CA—PSL organizers did outreach in South LA for its community discussion on the chapter “Police Prisons and Poverty: What is to be Done?” from the book Socialist Reconstruction. 

The community discussion sought to answer: How can we end the terrors of police violence, white supremacist violence, and domestic violence? Can oppressed people work together to replace violent organizations like LAPD and LASD with community institutions that truly “protect and serve”?

Black students matter!

Columbia, SC—PSL organizers joined University of South Carolina students as they raised their voices demanding an end to racist attacks against Black and Brown students on campus.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Columbus, OH—PSL members organized a celebration of Lunar New Year at the Northside Branch Library. Attendees painted lanterns, played Peoples’ Jeopardy, and did a group reading on the Vietnamese liberation struggle.

Week of Jan. 9, 2023

NO to NATO, YES to peace in Ukraine! 

New York City, NY—PSL joined protesters from across the region in Times Square to honor the true anti-war legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and demand an end to NATO escalation in Ukraine! The rally turned into a march through Midtown Manhattan and ended at The People’s Forum, where organizers hosted a teach-in. Related anti-war protests took place in cities in other parts of the country as well.

To truly honor Martin Luther King, we must oppose all imperialist wars and the Pentagon war machine!

Justice for Faisal!

Boston, MA—PSL and other members of the community rallied outside Cambridge City Hall at a demonstration called by the Bangladesh Association of New England to demand justice for Arif Faisal Sayed, who was murdered by Cambridge police.

Speakers who knew Faisal described him as caring, thoughtful, and a hardworking student.

We will stay in the streets and continue demanding justice for Faisal and his family!

Nurses’ strike ends in major victory

New York City, NY—Over 7,000 nurses went on strike in New York City last week, demanding proper staffing, safe conditions, and better pay and benefits. PSL organizers joined them on the picket line Monday as they rallied in front of Montefiore Moses Hospital in the Bronx.

The strike ended after three days in a historic victory for the nurses, who won concrete gains toward their demands.

Workers at Potbelly Sandwich Shop launch unionization push

Portland, OR—The PSL joined Restaurant Workers of Portland 503 as they rallied to announce their new union campaign at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop across from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

We stand with the RWP503 and all workers in their efforts to unionize, and we look forward to supporting future efforts!

Repeal Georgia’s abortion ban!

Atlanta, GA—PSL members protested outside the first full day of the 2023 legislative session, demanding that the Georgia General Assembly immediately repeal the 6-week abortion ban.

Protestors also called on the General Assembly to pass legislation to enshrine the right to abortion in Georgia’s constitution, which would end the ping-pong battle in Georgia courts over lifting the ban.

Organizers study Socialist Reconstruction 

Atlanta, GA—Last weekend PSL members held a study group for the book Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States.

The study session discussed topics such as the resurgence of the movement for socialism in the United States, how people could build a government with truly democratic structures, and realistic solutions to stopping climate catastrophe.

Week of Jan. 2, 2023

Save Richard Moore!

Columbia, SC—The PSL joined community organizers in front of the South Carolina Supreme Court for a press conference speaking out against the execution of death row inmate Richard Moore. On Jan. 5, the Court heard arguments over the constitutionality of Moore’s execution by firing squad.

If the Court rules against Moore, he will be the first person executed by the state since 2011.

Justice for Sinzae Reed

Columbus, OH—PSL organizers joined the family of Sinzae Reed and the Columbus community at the Statehouse to demand justice for the Black 13-year-old, who was shot and killed by 36-year-old white man Krieg Butler.

The community demands included the arrest of Butler, the removal and resignation of prosecutors Gary Tyack and Martha Farbacher, a city apology to Sinzae’s family, and a DOJ investigation into this hate crime, and the police and judiciary of Columbus.

Atlanta community honors Kendrick Johnson

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta was honored to attend the march commemorating the 10-year anniversary of Kendrick Johnson’s murder.

A horrific case of injustice still haunts South Georgia, but the community continues to speak out and fight for justice. In 2013 Kendrick Johnson, just 17 years old, was found dead by students at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia where he was a student. His body was discovered inside a tightly rolled-up gym mat secured by a strap.

Justice for Eric Holmes

Atlanta, GA—The PSL joined the family of Eric Holmes at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to demand the immediate release of police bodycam footage of the murder of Eric Holmes. It is clear that the GBI is likely withholding the footage because it incriminates the officer and the department.

Holmes was a 19-year-old Black man and father of a three-year-old son who was shot in the back outside his workplace by Officer Justin Stephens, now fired by Clayton County Police Department.

Trader Joe’s workers strike over unfair labor practices

Minneapolis, MN—PSL organizers joined the Minneapolis Trader Joe’s workers on the picket line, where they were striking against the company’s unfair labor practices. Many of the workers complained of barely scraping by after the store cut their hours and hired 20 new, non-union employees. Trader Joe’s has yet to negotiate a contract with the unionized workers.

NYC defends Drag Story Hour

New York City, NY—On Dec. 29, right wing forces came to a drag children’s book reading to disrupt the event from the outside, but the PSL joined dozens of counter protesters to defend the event and help it go on safely. This disruption is just the latest in the string of similar events taking place across the country in an environment of escalating anti-LGBTQ right-wing fear campaigns.

Week of Dec. 19, 2022

Santa has landed!

Washington, DC—The PSL organized a Santa meet and greet for children at the Ivy City Clubhouse! Kids were able to get a free digital photo with Santa, and parents received information on the party’s community safety and cleanup efforts. Baked goods and treats were also provided by community members.

NYC commemorates one-month anniversary of Club Q tragedy

New York City, NY—On the one-month anniversary of the Club Q tragedy, the PSL hosted an altar-making event to honor the lives lost in Colorado Springs.

The altar will be displayed as an interactive installation at The Peoples Forum through the beginning of the new year. 

Brooklyn tenants fight for safe living conditions!

New York City, NY—PSL organizers have been consistently organizing at 1834 Caton Ave, a building in Brooklyn for the past year. Finally, the landlord agreed to meet with tenants in the lobby to discuss demands for repairs. At the last second, they chickened out, and didn’t show up!

Tenants had no problem quickly pivoting to a rally in the lobby, where they spoke about the hazardous conditions they’ve been living with for decades. 

Atlanta demands activists be freed from police custody

Atlanta, GA—PSL Atlanta joined other organizers and community members to demand that Stop Cop City activists and Weelaunee Forest tree defenders be freed from police custody.

The community is militantly committed to blocking the construction of a massive police training facility in Southeast Atlanta.

Fighting injustice is not terrorism! Free the activists! Drop the charges!

Justice for Eric Holmes!

Atlanta, GA—PSL organizers joined the family of Eric Holmes to demand accountability for his murder at the hands of Clayton County police.

Holmes was only 19 years old when he was killed at his workplace just over a month ago. He was shot in the back, with his death ruled as a homicide by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Yet, two officers involved have quickly entered retirement, and the CCPD is refusing to release the bodycam footage.

PSL stands with the people’s movement in Peru

Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA—PSL members rallied outside the General Consulate of Peru in LA and Boston to denounce the recent overthrow of Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, and the U.S. government’s recognition of the right-wing coup government.

We stand against the Peruvian oligarchy and their allies in Washington! Solidarity with the people’s struggle for democracy in Peru!

Week of Dec. 12, 2022

Protestors defend drag show from fascists

San Antonio, TX—The PSL joined over 300 pro-LGBTQ protestors to defend a holiday drag show that a fascist rightwing militia attempted to protest. The show went on! The pro-LGBTQ action defeated and dwarfed the fascist side 4 to 1, demonstrating once again that anti-LGBTQ bigotry and hatred is rejected by the majority of people in Texas!

Philly hosts forum on Bolivia

Philadelphia, PA—The PSL hosted a forum and discussion with two leaders from Bolivia about the ongoing people’s struggle for democracy in the country, and against US intervention. Community members, organizers, and volunteers highlighted lessons to be learned from the people of Bolivia, and the need for international solidarity with workers’ and indigenous movements.

Organizers collect donations for local houseless population

Shepherdstown, WV—PSL comrades hit the streets Saturday and Sunday to collect donations for their necessity handout program, where they provide direct assistance to the local houseless population with food, warm clothing, and more.

Community rallies against energy rate increase

Milwaukee, WI—PSL members joined the DSA and North Side Rising for a rally in front of We Energies headquarters against the company’s 10.9% rate increase. Energy is a necessity and we will not stand for capitalists putting peoples lives at risk so they can rake in millions!

New Yorkers support workers, not bosses!

New York City, NY—PSL organizers joined striking HarperCollins workers at a picket outside the company’s Manhattan office as they approach the end of their first month on strike. Everybody from elected officials, to other UAW units, to bestselling authors published by HarperCollins came out to show their support to the striking workers and to let HarperCollins know that New Yorkers support workers, not bosses!

Solidarity to the workers at HarperCollins!

Community rejects mega cement warehouse

San Diego, CA—PSL organizers joined other community activists and Barrio Logan and National City residents for a rally urging the Port of San Diego to reject Mitsubishi Cement Corporation’s proposed mega cement warehouse.

This proposal would bring up to 10,500 diesel-polluting truck trips in Barrio Logan and National City, two cities already disproportionately impacted by environmental racism.

Week of Dec. 5, 2022

Supreme Court declares war on democratic rights

Washington, DC—PSL organizers rallied outside of the Supreme Court as it heard arguments in the Moore v. Harper case, which is a direct attack on basic democratic rights and “one person, one vote.”

Fight back against the assault on democratic rights! Only an organized grassroots movement can defend and expand our rights!

NYC stands in solidarity with rail workers

New York City, NY—PSL members stood with railroad workers, unions, and other labor organizations across the city to call for an immediate reversal of Congress’s unjust, anti-worker decision to force an agreement between unions and the railroad corporations that denies workers paid sick leave.

We demand that Congress grant these workers the ability to fight for a just contract!

Community members reject new public library CEO

Indianapolis, IN—Community members attended the Indianapolis Public Library board meeting to protest the appointment of Gabriel Morley as the new CEO, over the people’s choice, Nichelle Hayes.

Immediately afterwards, Board members rushed out and the people took their seats to hold their own vote. Unsurprisingly, the vote for Hayes was unanimous and the vote for Morley only received boos!

Starbucks workers celebrate one-year anniversary of first unionized store

San Antonio, TX—PSL members joined Starbucks workers and union organizers at the San Antonio Liberation Center for a work session for the Starbucks march and rally on Dec. 9.

The rally celebrated the one-year anniversary of the first-ever unionized corporate Starbucks store located in Buffalo, New York. Rallies were held in 10 different cities across the U.S.

PSL tables on Ohio State University campus

Columbus, OH—PSL organizers brought cocoa to the Ohio State University campus, and talked with students about revolutionary organizing while playing the People’s Jeopardy! They also promoted their upcoming class on prison abolition and building a better world without the prison industrial complex.

‘PNC: Stop banking the bomb!’

Pittsburgh, PA—The PSL joined the Pittsburgh Anti-War Committee and the Stop Banking the Bomb campaign outside of PNC Bank for a picket protesting the bank’s illegal investment in nuclear weapons production. This investment has amounted to $1.6 billion total.

No to nukes! No to U.S.-backed wars!

Week of Nov. 28, 2022

Rallies support rail workers

Washington, DC—PSL organizers came together for an emergency rally Tuesday night after Biden took the side of billionaire railway bosses and called for Congress to force workers to accept the tentative agreement without sick leave.

Biden stands with the bosses! We stand with the rail workers!

ALU demands recognition of its union

New York City, NY—PSL joined the Amazon Labor Union at a protest in front the DealBook Summit, where people paid $2,499 to attend a speaking engagement with members of the ruling class, including Amazon CEO Andy Jassy.

We stand with the ALU in its struggle for union recognition and against corporate greed!

“United we bargain, divided we beg!”

Pittsburgh, PA—Community members rallied in support of baristas at La Prima Espresso Co. holding their election to join UFCW 1776. Workers at La Prima cited many reasons for wanting to unionize, such as equitable pay across the four coffee shops, healthcare benefits, PTO, sick pay, job security, non-discrimination policies, and to democratize their work environment.

Activists hold forum on socialist healthcare

Seattle, WA—PSL organizers held a Liberation Forum on Socialist Healthcare, in which participants joined in a discussion on what healthcare under a socialist model would look like. They also talked about the failures of our current healthcare system, shared their experiences navigating it, and demanded one that is run for and by the people!

Austin says NO to unfair energy rate hikes!

Austin, TX—The PSL joined Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, TX Climate Jobs, and other community groups for a protest in front of city hall, as Austin City Council prepared to vote on a predatory proposal put forth by Austin Energy—one that would drastically increase energy rates for working class people while decreasing rates for big businesses. At the hearing, over 25 community members came and rejected the proposal during the public comment period. The council delayed voting on the proposal to the upcoming week.

St. Petersburg stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ communithy

Saint Petersburg, FL—PSL members in Tampa Bay organized a vigil at North Straub Park to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community after the cold-blooded massacre in Colorado Springs last month.

Only by standing together, organizing, and creating a mass multi-national movement of working class people can we uproot this system and achieve true liberation once and for all!

Week of Nov. 21, 2022

The Strike Continues!

CALIFORNIA—Last week, striking University of California academic workers won several concessions from the university administration, including workers compensation, just-cause job protection and mandatory union training. This is the power of organized labor!

The strike is still going strong!

Organizers stand in solidarity with LGBTQ community

New York City, NY—PSL held a vigil in solidarity with the LGBTQ community after the attack in Colorado Springs.

Organizers condemned the rising tide of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric advanced by the right wing, which creates a climate of violent hostility in the country leading to such attacks.

Activists hold vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance

Springfield, MO—On Nov. 20, PSL members organized a vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance. The vigil honored the memory of all the transgender people whose lives were lost due to hate and intolerance, and was followed by a candlelight procession to Park Central Square.

Community organizes Thanksgiving food drive

Boston, MA—PSL organizers joined Oji Collective and other community members to put together Thanksgiving meals for 20 families in need. There were also games, face-painting, and a beat-making station for the kids! This is the third Thanksgiving food drive organized by Oji Collective.

Philly says, ‘Hands off Chinatown!’

Philadelphia, PA—PSL organizers rallied and marched to save Chinatown from the proposed new Philadelphia 76ers arena.

This arena is just the latest attempt by billionaires and developers to gentrify the city, while pushing out its multinational working-class communities.

Community members petition for clean streets

Martinsburg, WV—The West Virginia PSL continues to speak with our neighbors and collect signatures for their petition demanding permanent, public trash cans and pet waste receptacles within the district.

Fund Clean Streets!

Week of Nov. 14, 2022

Anti-war leaders speak on The Real Path to Peace in Ukraine

New York City, NY—On Nov. 19, a full house gathered at The People’s Forum to hear anti-war leaders speak on the panel, “The Real Path to Peace in Ukraine.” Speakers denounced the US war machine’s policy of escalation against Russia that is pushing the globe to the brink of catastrophe. This marked the beginning of a new phase in the anti-war movement—on Jan. 14, we will march at noon on Times Square to continue building this struggle! More details soon!

UC academic workers on strike

CALIFORNIA—PSL organizers are standing with the tens of thousands of University of California academic workers that are on strike across all ten UC campuses. Workers are demanding fair contracts, higher pay, and better conditions. This is the largest university strike in US history.

The fight will continue until demands are met! For more ways to support, go to fairucnow.org/support.

Hundreds march to free Leonard Peltier

Washington, DC—On Nov. 13, PSL members marched along with several hundred others on the National Mall to demand that Joe Biden grant clemency to Leonard Peltier.

After nearly 50 years, Peltier is one of the world’s longest incarcerated political prisoners. Free Leonard Peltier!

Starbucks workers launch strike

NATIONWIDE—On Nov. 17, PSL organizers stood in solidarity with the Starbucks workers on their picket lines across the country on Red Cup Day—the coffee chain’s big holiday promotion day. This nationwide strike was launched by the Starbucks workers to protest against the coffee giant’s union-busting tactics and refusal to bargain with its employees.

Veterans and anti-war activists protest against US imperialism

San Diego, CA—On Veterans Day, anti-war veterans and organizations, including PSL, protested outside one of the largest military bases in San Diego. At the action, organizers demanded an end to US aggression and imperialism around the world, as well as for better treatment of veterans and active duty service members.

200 gather outside of church for LGBTQ-inclusive vigil

Westmoreland, NH—On Nov. 15, PSL joined nearly 200 others for a candlelight vigil outside of the Westmoreland United Church. WUC and Keene Pride organized the vigil after the church’s LGBTQ-inclusive sign was vandalized with Confederate and Nazi imagery twice in the prior week. All across the country, the working class are rejecting the program of the far-right!

Week of Nov. 7, 2022

Activists gather for Women’s Socialism Conference

Atlanta, GA—On Nov. 12, The PSL convened the Women’s Socialism Conference, where leading organizers from the movement spoke about the right wing attack and the need to build an independent, socialist movement to defend women’s rights.

Tenants’ union holds Know Your Rights event

Washington, DC—On Nov. 5, PSL organizers joined the Woodner Tenants’ Union for a Know Your Rights event. In addition to learning about their rights as tenants and their landlord’s housing violations, attendees learned how their union could fight back.

Community members canvass against proposed energy rate hikes

Austin, TX—PSL members teamed up with other local activists last weekend to let their neighbors know about Austin Energy’s unfair rate hikes. The proposal, to be voted on by city council on Dec. 1, unfairly targets Austin’s working class—the lowest energy users would see the most dramatic rate hikes, while commercial users who waste the most energy would see a 25% reduction in their bill.

Community speaks out against attacks on LGBTQ rights

Milford, NH—On Nov. 8, PSL members attended a school board meeting at Milford High School in which students and community members spoke out against the far-right attack on LGBTQ rights and book bans. From 7:00 p.m. until late in the evening, well over 100 people showed up to support LGBTQ students at the high school, with the students themselves being the most articulate defenders of their own rights.

Boston calls on city council to say NO to intervention in Haiti

Boston, MA—PSL members have been out in the streets talking to their neighbors about why they are calling on Boston City Council to pass their draft resolution that stands with the masses of Haitian people in saying NO to colonial-style interventions, occupations and sanctions.

Socialists organize banner drop for Proposition 1

Santa Clara County, CA—PSL organizers joined the Peace and Freedom Party for a banner drop to let others know to vote YES on Proposition 1 on Nov. 8. Those in California ended up voting overwhelmingly in favor of this measure, which will enshrine the right to abortion and contraception in the state constitution.

Week of Oct. 31, 2022

Thousands march to end blockade of Cuba

Nationwide—On Nov. 2 and 3, the United Nations General Assembly debated for the 30th time a resolution condemning the US blockade of Cuba. In advance of this vote, PSL organizers joined thousands of people across the country in solidarity demonstrations demanding an end to this indefensible policy.

Community demands end to fake clinics

Albany, NY—PSL organizers joined a statewide day of action to defend abortion rights and to call for the closing of the fake abortion clinics called crisis pregnancy centers. At the rally Barbara Smith, who co-founded the Combahee River Collective in 1974, spoke of the work that socialist feminists were doing in the 1970s.

Haitian community says no to UN invasion

Columbus, OH—On Oct. 30, PSL, along with members of the Haitian diaspora gathered downtown to stand in solidarity with Haitians in their struggle to defend their sovereignty and in opposition to a military intervention by the US and United Nations.

Community honors lives lost in ICE custody

San Diego, CA—On Dia de los Muertos, PSL organizers joined the Free Them All Coalition to hold a vigil at the Otay Mesa Detention Center. The vigil remembered and honored the individuals who have lost their lives while in ICE and jail custody.

Neighbors plan to vote NO on Amendment 2

Louisville, KY—In October, PSL members spoke with neighbors in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville about voting no to Amendment 2, which would allow for a total ban on abortion, even in the cases of rape or incest.

Organizers encourage others to Swipe It Forward

New York City, NY—On Nov. 4, PSL organizers spoke with community members in East Harlem about the Swipe It Forward campaign, in which commuters are encouraged to swipe in individuals into the subway who may lack fare.

Week of Oct. 24, 2022

DENVER, CO—PSL organizers rallied with community members against the development of luxury homes that would cause property prices to skyrocket. Community members marched to the development site to let developers and city officials know that they will not be forced out of their homes and will continue to organize against displacement and gentrification!

MIAMI VALLEY, OH—PSL partnered with Sister Baby Community Solutions, I Love West Dayton, and the Dayton Black Panther Party to organize a Community Cleanup in the Westwood neighborhood of Dayton. Together they picked up litter, cleared larger dump sites, and helped maintain the local environment. Strong communities for a strong working class!

SACRAMENTO, CA—PSL organizers joined Voices of Strength to commemorate National Day Against Police Terror. Impacted families spoke outside of the California State Capitol, demanding justice for the countless lives stolen as a direct consequence of unaccountable law enforcement officers.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—The Philadelphia Liberation Center celebrated the grand opening of its new, larger location in Kensington! PSL organizers had a busy day filled with love and solidarity from their community. The Liberation Center is a community hub for socialist education, struggle, and solidarity.

ALBANY, NY—On Oct. 25, community members and activists from the Hatuey Project gathered to discuss the effects the US blockade has had on the Cuban people and what we can do to help. The activists talked about the project’s inaugural trip to the island and how that experience opened their eyes to the gains of the socialist revolution and the struggles the country continues to face under the unilateral economic strangulation imposed by the US.

NEW YORK CITY, NY—On Oct. 28, PSL organizers joined Starbucks Workers United on the picket line at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chelsea. Workers are striking over unsafe, unsanitary work conditions ranging from mold in the ice machines to bedbugs in the break room. The roastery, which unionized in April, was the first Starbucks location in the city to organize, and ninth nationwide. Solidarity with all Starbucks workers nationwide!

Week of Oct. 17, 2022

CHICAGO, IL—Socialist Ana Santoyo has announced her run for city council in Chicago’s 45th Ward! Santoyo is a union worker, a mother, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and a daughter of working-class immigrants. Read our full article on her campaign here!

SPARTANBURG, SC—On Oct. 12, PSL organizers joined the family members of Lavell Lane for a protest outside Spartanburg Detention Center demanding answers in his wrongful death. Lane was arrested for a traffic violation late on Oct. 2. Only five hours later, Lane was dead in police custody.

NEW YORK CITY, NY—What would a socialist U.S. look like? Claudia de la Cruz, Jodi Dean, Eugene Puryear and Brian Becker held a special book talk Oct. 14 at the People’s Forum on the PSL’s latest publication. Socialist Reconstruction provides a roadmap for all working class people in this country to envision a better future for us and for all of humanity. Get your book now at liberationstore.org!

NEW YORK CITY, NY—On Oct. 19, PSL organizers joined the Astoria is Not for Sale coalition to testify at City Hall against the Innovation Queens plan. The $2 billion plan proposes multiple new high towers in Queens, constructing unaffordable luxury apartments where the going rate is set at $4000 for a one-bedroom, and the developers are not committing to anything beyond 25% affordable units. Our neighborhoods are not for sale!

PITTSBURGH, PA—PSL organizers joined union workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on their picket line last week as they led a strike to reinstate a fair contract for higher wages, better health care, and jurisdictional benefits.

BOSTON, MA—On Oct. 17, PSL organizers rallied with community members against a potential U.S.-U.N. military occupation in Haiti. From Boston to Port-au-Prince, no U.S. Intervention in Haiti! Sign the petition here!

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