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Help send Gloria La Riva and a Liberation News team to the Refugee Caravan in Mexico

We are asking for your support to help send Gloria La Riva and a Liberation News team to southern Mexico to join the immigrant and refugee caravan as it makes its way north. The situation is intensifying, as Trump has announced that he will send 15,000 troops to stop and detain the caravan, and is running racist advertisements portraying the refugees as violent criminals.

Liberation News is going to the caravan to expose these lies!
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The Liberation News team will cover the caravan’s heroic journey and document the migrants’ real stories, including the danger and violence they are facing. It is more important than ever for independent and progressive media to show people in the U.S. an accurate view of what is going on south of the border, and how decades of U.S.-backed interventions, coups and “free trade” agreements have caused so much devastation in Latin America. This is a crucial part of building international workers’ solidarity and building a real movement of resistance to the ultra-reactionary Trump agenda.

The Liberation News team will also bring a message of unity and support from the people’s movement here in the United States, and show that the cruel policies of the Trump administration do not represent the sentiment of the people of this country.

Gloria is an internationally known activist, documentarian and blogger for, where she has written extensively on Latin America and many other issues. In 1998 Gloria produced the award­-winning video, Genocide by Sanctions: The Case of Iraq, documenting the effects of the U.S./UN blockade on Iraq. In 1999, she traveled twice to Yugoslavia with former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark, at the height of the U.S./NATO bombing war, producing the video, NATO Targets. In September 2005, six days after Hurricane Katrina, Gloria traveled to New Orleans, producing the video Heroes Not Looters.

Gloria was also the presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation in 2016, and ran for governor of California in 2018.

Make a donation now to support this critical journalism and activism

Trump and other assorted bigots are creating an extremely dangerous anti-immigrant frenzy through the corporate media. They are falsely labelling the desperate caravanistas as “invaders,” ordering thousands of military troops to the border, and threatening to illegally end the right of people born in the U.S. to citizenship. This is the same kind of demagogy that has led to the recent right-wing extremist terrorist attacks.

To cut through Trump’s lies, it is essential that we develop more understanding within the U.S. working class about the roots of the migrant caravan. We can’t carry out this important activism and journalism without you. Please make a donation now to support this critical journalism and activism.

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