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Hundreds come out for anti-Trump rally despite weather

San Diego anti-Trump demonstration, Jan. 20
San Diego anti-Trump demonstration, Jan. 20

On  January 20, ANSWER San Diego led a militant march of hundreds of people to denounce the Trump presidency. This action was in solidarity with protests in Washington, D.C. and across the country showing opposition from the first day of the new administration.

ANSWER got an immediate response on social media to our call for action to act locally and over 3,000 people showed interest in the event. When January 20 finally rolled around the weather was harsh, but over five hundred people decided to brave the rain and wind and show Trump that we would not be stopped.

People from San Diego came out prepared for the weather with militant chants and various signs and banners. The banner leading the march said “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA.” Protesters chanted this message along the march route to the Federal Administration building in downtown San Diego.

Outside the Federal Building speeches were given from various sectors of our society that are being attacked including immigrants, students, teachers and low wage workers. After the rally the Brown Berets lead a march to Chicano Park to continue the protest that was to take place there later that evening.

As we have seen so far the Trump administration is not wasting any time signing executive orders which are dismantling our rights, safeguards and protections.  The administration is creating ways to make it easier for corporations to exploit us.  His cabinet picks are also enemies of the environment and the people. We must stay vigilant and continue to organize across the spectrum of issues we will face in this country. Unlike Trump we believe in international solidarity and justice. As an anti-imperialist organization we oppose fear-mongering against other nations, which is what Trump is trying to do as we see attempts to create a Muslim registry and limit or ban refugees from majority Muslim countries.

We are also opposed to the rhetoric Trump is using against China and those who are supporting increased tensions with Russia.  We oppose building a wall to further divide Mexico and the United States. We want the workers of both countries to prosper. The most recent example of his terror campaign happened on January 24, when Trump signed documents clearing the way for Keystone XL Pipeline to go forward and to make way for the Dakota Access Pipeline. We cannot allow this and other regressions to happen to our Native relatives and the earth.

Join us as we continue this struggle against injustice, racism, homophobia, sexism and imperialism. We cannot stand by as Trump and his administration wage war against the people and the planet.


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