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‘I am William Morris and I’ll be there on the 25th, marching’

William Morris, unemployed worker with two master's degrees, pictured on right.
William Morris, unemployed worker with two master’s degrees, pictured on right.

“The the number one main reason I’m going to be at the march is that there’s police violence and there is no accountability,” said William Morris, who is a member of the People’s Organization for Progress, the organization that is initiating the call for this mass march.

“There’s education without opportunity. You have an education and you have experience, but we’re not getting jobs,” explained William who has just completed his second master’s degree, yet is still unemployed.

“We want to make people aware or who are unaware that this is a global issue when police are dealing with communities of color and those of low income,” said William.

“Police brutality and economic justice have the same thing in common for those who are not from the 1 percent. The government will not take it seriously, the 1 percent do not–It’s up to the people to make this be taken very seriously,” said William about the need to mobilize.

“We want to talk about the economic issues, for those individuals living below the poverty line. Hopefully the Million People’s March will reach people all over to see that police brutality is an issue that is not being dealt with and it’s tied to the economic conditions of the prison pipe line,” explained William.

“This march is about all the people affected by these issues. Power to the people!” concluded William.

For more information, visit the People’s Organization for Progress website or call 973-801-0001.

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