Imperialists in Congress unite! No gridlock when it comes to sanctions and war

The U.S. Congress does not suffer from endless gridlock as some of the banal liberal pundits and commentators moan about.

Just yesterday, by a vote of 98-2, the U.S. Senate voted for confrontation, imperialism and sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The nearly unanimous Senate vote followed a nearly unanimous vote in the House (419-3) for a similar measure.

The Republicans in Congress initiated the legislation, with the eager support of their lapdog friends from the Democratic Party. These measures are designed to provoke confrontation. Speaker Paul D. Ryan called the passage of the House version as “one of the most expansive sanctions packages in history.”

Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul were the only two senators to vote No. Sanders earlier cited opposition to new sanctions on Iran. The bill clearly violates the terms of the agreement with Iran whereby the country allowed its nuclear energy program to be strictly limited and monitored in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. Sanders said he supported new sanctions against Russia. By all measure, imperialist-sponsored economic sanctions and blockades are a form of war.

Even as Republicans were frantically trying to ram through laws that will strip health care from millions of people, the Democrats in Congress eagerly embraced their colleagues and joined them as a united chorus for imperialism.

The Democratic Party politicians’ unity with the Republicans in support of bullying of Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela is far greater than their still tepid criticism of Trump and the Republicans’ domestic policy, which constitutes a war against the working class and all poor people at home.

The People’s Congress of Resistance which convenes in Washington D.C. on September 16-17, 2017 will represent those in the United States who resist imperialism rather than function as its mouthpiece.

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