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Justice for Laquan protesters shut down Black Friday in Chicago

In a Black Friday show of force on the streets of Chicago, thousands of Black people and allies descended on the Mag Mile shopping area to shut it down for Laquan McDonald. Protesters linked arms in front of store entrances and shut down the streets while chanting “No justice, no profit!” and “Justice for Laquan, which side are you on!” They demanded no more business as usual as long Black brothers and sisters continue to be murdered in cold blood by the Chicago Police Department while the powers of the city rally around and protect the killers.

The important and united demonstration not only called for the conviction of Laquan’s killer, Jason Van Dyke, it also targeted Mayor Emanuel, Cook County States Attorney Alvarez and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. Some signs called for the arrest of Mayor Emanuel for Laquan’s murder. In fact, the great number of hand made signs targeting the leaders of the city showed the profound unity of the demonstrators.

The horrific lynching death of Laquan McDonald and the cover-up at the hands of racists cops and racist leaders must be turned into justice and liberation. The Black Friday protest, the first large mass civil rights action in Chicago in many years, is an important step in the struggle against this racist system. The people, in determined numbers, have put the city of Chicago on notice. They have put the entire nation on notice. We’re going to fight back until we get justice for Laquan and all Black people!


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