Hear socialist candidates Peta Lindsay, Yari Osorio & Eugene Puryear on radio

Today, PSL candidates Peta Lindsay and Yari Osorio, along with 2008 PSL
candidate Eugene Puryear, were guests on the “Super Funky Soul Power
Hour” on Washington, D.C.’s WPFW Pacifica Radio.

Host Dr. Jared
A. Ball, an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Morgan State
University in Baltimore, Md., focused the program on third-party electoral politics.

Eugene Puryear and Yari Osorio on radio, March 1, 2012
Peta Lindsay
Peta Lindsay
Yari Osorio (portrait)
Yari Osorio
Eugene Puryear
Eugene Puryear
Jared Ball
Jared Ball

PSL encourages everyone to listen to the “Super Funky Soul Power Hour”
Fridays from 10:00-11:00am ET on 89.3 fm in D.C. or through livestream
on www.wpfw.org.

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