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Milwaukee Pride for Black Lives Matter

Well over 3,000 people turned out to a “March with PRIDE for #BLACKLIVESMATTER” rally and march, brought together in only a couple days by members of the Black and Brown LGBTQ community in Milwaukee.

Signs such as “White Silence is Violence,” “Queer and Trans for Black Lives Matter,” and “Black and Brown Unity,” put the diversity and unity of the movement in Milwaukee on display.

Every day since May 28, marches involving thousands of people have taken place all over this city, many occurring concurrently, dispersing and merging fluidly in the face of repressive state tactics.

It has been impossible to contain the Black Lives Matter movement in Milwaukee, and the PRIDE march is a perfect example of this. Police were outnumbered and hovered blocks away as organizers administered a safe and peaceful demonstration, blocking off intersections, resolving conflicts and providing nutritional and medical resources to all who needed them.


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