My comment in the New York Times on Netanyahu visit

The following comment by Gloria La Riva on Israeli war criminal Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, was published in the Comments section of New York Times’ website, after its editorial about Netanyahu, March 3, 2015.

Gloria La Riva San Francisco 4 hours ago

Why in all the coverage about the speech by Netanyahu is it not mentioned that Israel has nuclear weapons? Israel has always been treated so exceptionally that it is permitted by Washington not to disclose this fact and instead, continues to receive billions of dollars in military and other aid from the U.S. Even more outrageous than today’s servile attitude by the Congress members when Netanyahu gave his outrageous speech is the hundreds of millions of dollars in bombs and other weapons that Congress rushed to Israel to continue its genocidal assault on Gaza, a war from which beleaguered Palestinians have not recovered in the slightest.The lies against Iran have been repeated so often that it is now published as truth, for example, that uranium enrichment greater than 5% would be for weapons production. False. A 20% enrichment is needed for radioactive isotopes and other medical applications. This essential medical element was denied for years by the U.S. when it pressured other countries to deny Iran access to it. That is when Iran began to go beyond the 5% to produce 20% grade uranium. This deliberate distortion, among others, in the New York Times and other media only adds to pretexts and justification for sanctions and war. This is why ANSWER Coalition and other groups protested today in front of Congress.


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