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New anti-imperialist coalition in San José, Calif., protests Bolivia coup

On Nov. 18, the South Bay Anti-Imperialist Coalition held a rally outside City Hall to protest the overthrow of indigenous President Evo Morales of Bolivia by a U.S.-backed coup. Despite short notice, more than two dozen people, a majority youth, joined the action. The recently formed coalition brings together activists from Anakbayan Silicon Valley, Barrio Defense Committee, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and ANSWER, among others.

Photo: Len Tsou
Photo: Len Tsou

Citlalmina Maria Q Ortiz of the Barrio Defense Committee, a long-time activist and organizer in San José, chaired the rally and made strong statements exposing the reactionary and racist nature of the coup in which outright fascist forces played a prominent role.

Other speakers included Mike reading a statement on the coup by the Coalition; Sharat Lin of the San José Peace and Justice Center with a statement of support; and long-time activist Omar Vásquez, who made an educational presentation on the history of U.S. interventions in Latin America.

An especially impressive speaker was a high school student, Sam, who delivered two powerful statements in the course of the rally. Alex, a young activist representing PSL, read from an analysis of the coup published on the party’s Liberation News website.

The action was highly visible to the rush-hour traffic on intersecting Santa Clara and Fourth Streets, and many passing motorists honked in support.


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