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New video shows cop lied: Delrawn Small was executed

Delrawn Small
Delrawn Small

Shocking new video released in the murder of Delrawn Small shows an off duty NYPD officer firing multiple fatal shots at Small barely one second after Small approaches the off-duty police officer’s vehicle. The video completely contradicts the story of the off-duty cop, Wayne Isaacs, who claims that Small approached his car and started punching him in the face without warning.

The officer claims he thought he was being carjacked by Small and feared for his life so he drew his weapon and fired at Small twice at point blank range striking him in the face and torso and ultimately killing him.

The media and NYPD brass quickly tried to diminish the coldblooded killing by calling it just “an incident” and demonizing the victim by bringing up Small’s past in attempt to assassinate his character. But the people know better!

On Wednesday a powerful vigil for Delrawn Small was organized in East New York. The vigil was held right in front of Atlantic avenue and Bradford where Small was murdered. It was an intense action. Emotions were high.

Representatives from different organizations from the police brutality movement in NYC were present, protecting the crowd and police brutality families there. Hertencia Petersen was there representing Akai Gurley, Eric Garner’s mother was there and family members of John Callado were also there. Many, many members of Small’s family were there, wearing white t-shirts with his face on them in complete solidarity. Councilman Charles Barron emceed the event. Members of the Small family and the police brutality families present spoke about their grief and the need for justice.

There were about 200 people present mostly from the East New York community, people fed up with police oppression and the system that protects them. The police from the 79th precinct surrounded the vigil and were ready to attack us as we peacefully rallied for Delrawn Small and his mourning family.

A lot of people were in the faces of the police- with no fear, in anger, in pain, chanting- “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? NOW!” Some of the officers walked away, some stayed, stonefaced.

Delrawn’s brother, Victor said “We have yet to settle funeral arrangements for my brother but I’m out here fighting you [the police]!” He also said the police let Delrawn bleed out for four hours on the street, with plastic over his body. He said the police lied to his family when they were asking for Delrawn’s location.

While the family only wanted a vigil on Wednesday it is clear that this struggle is not over and everyone will continue to demand justice for Delrawn Small and all stolen lives. At the end of the vigil a pastor said a prayer and everyone held up their candles and released white balloons.

Politicians and the media are working hard to pacify the growing movement of angry youth, poor and Black Americans who continue to see their loved ones and community members shot dead in the streets like animals.

With clear video evidence in hand the question now is, will the killer of Delrawn Small be let off without consequence? Will Delrawn Small be just another Eric Garner, Freddy Gray or Michael Brown?

On Thursday there were mass protests around the country demanding justice for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The people’s anger at white supremacy and their determination to struggle is again becoming a powerful independent force in national politics and all of society.

That’s the force that can put the ruling class on the defensive.

Obama had to call an emergency press conference about it and even some major corporations (like Twitter) have issued statements calling for justice. They are scared of the people’s power!

Keep the pressure on!

Out from behind social media and into the streets!

Jail killer cops!

Fight for a new system!

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