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NYC children’s march shows Palestinian resilience

Israel boasts that it will stamp out the Palestinian struggle through its genocidal bombing of Gaza, where 40% of its casualties are children. What it is really doing is creating the freedom fighters of tomorrow. This point was made loud and clear by the next generation themselves in a Mother’s Committee Children’s March for Palestine held in New York City on Dec. 30, 2023.

Children led the march of hundreds through Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where 11% of the population is of Arab descent and where thousands of Palestinians live, many of whom have lost loved ones in Gaza. Children took turns stepping up to the mic in the pre-march rally. A 14-year-old girl gave the political analysis and children as young as 4 years of age took turns leading those assembled in chants to the delight of the crowd.

The action was called by the Mother’s Committee, Al-Awda NY, Mamas 4 a Free Palestine and the Palestinian Assembly for Liberation, and was endorsed and assisted by the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Emily Rose from that organization addressed the crowd, pointing out that the billions of U.S. tax dollars used to arm Israel to kill Palestinian children has resulted in cuts to health care, education and housing for children here.

Liberation News photos: Eliette Choi

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