A profound, deeply felt thank you to everyone who made this campaign their own

I’m flying home right now, on the plane to Los Angeles, the campaign has ended. Since I’m sitting still for what feels like the first time in months, I’d like to take this time to reflect and to offer deep thanks to every single person out there who has supported our campaign and the program of the PSL in the election this past year. We knew we were up against momentous odds.

We knew that the ruling class and their politicians exercise almost unlimited dominance over our political and economic system, that no matter who won yesterday the banks would win, the corporations would win and the people would lose. Their election is a rigged game – we have said that from the start. “Democracy” isn’t broken in America, it remains as it has always been, a democracy of, by and for the rich, through which they can extend their class rule. We entered into this election not to win but to expose the elections for what they are and to meet people who are struggling, people who want an end to war and skyrocketing tuitions, an end to massive unemployment, homelessness, poverty and starvation – and give them a program to fight for and an organized party through which to fight.

Thousands of people chose to express their frustration with this system, the system of capitalism whereby the few exploit and impoverish the many, by voting for the PSL yesterday. Thank you for your votes, I know the lines were long and the forms were confusing. Thank you for taking the time to register your support at the polls. I want to also thank the many of you who went even further than that, those who promoted our campaign, on social media, at their schools, at their jobs and with their friends. Those who organized or attended events for us to speak at, those who invited us into their classes, their homes, those who facilitated our entry into the press. Every person who took time out of their busy schedule to hand out a flyer or put out messages of support. Thank you so much, it’s through you that this campaign has achieved the great success that it has.

Throughout this experience I have been deeply honored to have been able to serve as a public face for the Party for Socialism & Liberation, a party of which I am a founding member. My comrades in the PSL are without a doubt some of the most fearless, dedicated and fiercely intelligent organizers that I have ever met, this campaign could only happen with our combined strength behind it. Across the country, comrades worked around the clock in the struggle to get on the ballot, to build events and to get the word out about the socialist campaign. As an individual I cannot express how much it means to me that such an impressive group of people selected me & Yari to represent them, I only hope my campaigning lived up to the high standards we’ve set with our work. 

The electoral campaign is ending but the real struggle is just beginning. We live in the belly of the beast and that beast must be defeated. We are at a crossroads as a country and as a species. Climate change, brought on by the capitalist system’s drive for endless profits, is advancing, almost unchecked- wreaking havoc like we’ve never seen before. Just ask the residents of NY & NJ. The war drive of the Obama administration, as the war drive of the Bush administration and every administration before them – has already cost millions of lives, in the pursuit of profit, control of resources and geostrategic dominance. And there is bipartisan support in our government for a program of austerity to be inflicted on all of us as soon as they are able. Their program promises deep cuts to our social security and Medicare and continuing cuts to every social program and public institution that working people in this country depend on.

The purpose of this campaign was to reach people who are struggling and let them know that true change doesn’t come from the election, true change comes from the streets. We must build the movement to fight back and resist the capitalist plans. Mass struggle is the only real weapon we have against the ruling class and it’s the only weapon we need–we are many, they are few. If we fight, we can win concessions and if we continue to fight and to grow as a movement, we can have even more than that. We can make a revolution. Don’t wait, be a part of history, join us now. Join the PSL. If you don’t join the party, at least join us in the streets.

I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing, progressive people throughout this campaign, I really hope that each and every one of you stays in touch and stays involved. We all need to become leaders now. Become an organizer, a leader in your community, at your school and at your job. Anyone can do it and the PSL exists to help. Don’t wait another 4 years to look us up again, I consider this campaign a success but the true measure of whether or not we have succeeded will be in how many people join the movement in the days to come. I have faith in my party, I have faith in the people I’ve met campaigning and I have faith in the masses of working people around the world. Socialism will win. The people will win.

So let’s get up, get out there and make it happen. Again, thank you so much, sisters and brothers and please keep in touch!


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