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Organizing for Union Power slate wins San Francisco teachers union elections

Public Statement On Victory of Organizing for Union Power (OUP) Slate

Educators in the Organizing For Union Power (OUP) Slate express our deepest gratitude to the hundreds of members who made our victory possible in the recent UESF Executive Board elections. Over 1,400 educators voted in the largest turnout in recent UESF history. A full 1,000 more ballots were cast in this election than three years ago. The enthusiasm and increasing momentum we have witnessed amongst UESF educators over this past year was no less present in the election. This alone is something to be celebrated!

We express our humble gratitude to all the candidates who ran in this election. The level of engagement was unlike any other election and we are grateful to all candidates who brought awareness and action to our union. We recognize and appreciate the current Executive Board officers and representatives for their leadership and look forward to continuing the work of the union together.

As a result of this historic election, OUP won every single position where we ran a candidate, including all 7 Executive Officers plus 20 representatives on the Executive Board. We ran on a unified program, and are deeply humbled by the membership’s trust in us to execute our shared vision.

Our program has four central pillars: developing new leaders, empowering the membership, building coalitions and community power, and fighting for fully-funded and equitable schools. This vision resonates with members. We will begin the work necessary to implement this program immediately.

We are proud to have elected such a diverse and representative Executive Board. Our incoming board is Latinx, Black, white, Chinese, Filipino/a. We span many generations–representing new layers of leadership as well as critical experience. A large section of the new Executive Board is LGBTQ. We have elected a number of “firsts”: first woman Sergeant-at-Arms, first Latino Executive Vice President and Latina Treasurer and the youngest members to serve as president and vice presidents of paraeducator and substitutes. OUP is excited to work together with all members of the Executive Board and of our union, regardless of slate affiliation. We are proud to unite as a collective representation of the diverse nationalities and backgrounds of the UESF membership.

There is much work to do to close out this school year; one unlike any other. And the work necessary to begin the next school year has to occur simultaneously. The officers and Executive Board members who ran with Organizing for Union Power slate are ready to start organizing (yesterday!). We wish all members a strong finish to this challenging school year. We hope you all have a measure of rest and rejuvenation so that you can join us in the necessary efforts to fight for the quality public schools our members, students, families and communities deserve.

Together, let us build an organized and powerful union!

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