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Philly stands with Palestine

IMG_7209On August 8 people once again massed outside of the Israeli Consulate on 19th and JFK chanting “Philly Stands With Palestine.”

The protest came on the same day that members of the local Jewish Voice for Peace were arrested while conducting an act of civil disobedience in the Jewish Federation building, the largest Jewish organization in Philadelphia. They were there to present a petition with over 35,000 signatures demanding an end to the violence being inflicted on the people of Gaza and an end to the brutal siege which continues to starve the city of food, medicine and basic resources.

With Israel’s breaking of the most-recent ceasefire, Philadelphians remain determined to confront the US’s complicity in the ongoing violence. A coalition of Palestinian community members and activist organizations is being formed to help build a growing movement demanding an end to the Occupation and an end to US funding of Israeli war crimes.

Another rally has already been announced for the following Friday, and people will continue to fill the streets.

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