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Pittsburghers rally to support Pillsbury boycott in solidarity with Palestine

On Oct. 24, the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Pittsburgh branch joined with the Pittsburgh BDS Coalition for a demonstration promoting the boycott of Pillsbury. Pillsbury, a part of General Mills, has a factory in an illegal Israeli settlement and profits from brutality of the Israeli apartheid state. The factory is in the Atarot Industrial Zone settlement, which has displaced and exploited the Palestinian people and their land.

The demonstration featured a symbolic cage with an inflatable doughboy inside. Onlookers and shoppers actively and positively interacted with members of the action held outside the Target in the East Liberty neighborhood. Target sells Pillsbury products, and employees came out to greet organizers and inform them they had written to upper management asking to remove Pillsbury from their shelves.

Passers by ate crescents made without any Pillsbury dough, signed a petition boycotting Pillsbury, and read information about the Palestinian struggle on flyers shaped like crescents.

This action was part of the kick off of a nationwide Boycott Pillsbury campaign. Further actions will take place this weekend in Pittsburgh. Organizers are determined to build international solidarity until Palestine is free!

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