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Seattle protest: Free Palestine!

Seattle, July 5

Photos: Andy Freeman

Saturday July 5 saw a spirited protest in downtown Seattle in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Organized by Voices for Palestine, the protest lasted for two hours. The mostly young, Arab and Muslim participants chanted energetically and waved flags and signs on both sides of Pine Street near Westlake park.

“Resistance is justified when people are occupied,” “Free, Free Palestine” and “1,2,3,4, we don’t want your bloody war, 5,6,7,8, stop the violence, stop the hate” resounded as passing drivers honked in support.

Amin Odeh speaking on behalf of Voices for Palestine, told Liberation News: “The Palestinian people will continue to resist until the occupation ends.”

Josh, an Iraq war veteran, told Liberation News that he came out to the protest because “I support the rights of the Palestinians to be free.”

Voices for Palestine holds a vigil in solidarity with Palestine every other Saturday; however, in light of the current U.S.-sanctioned Israeli aggression, Voices for Palestine will have an additional protest on Saturday, July 12, from 12 noon-2 pm at Westlake in Seattle.

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