Poll finds California Socialist Candidate receiving 5.9% of vote

Probolsky Research Poll finds Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Insurance Commissioner, Nathalie Hrizi, with 5.9 percent of the vote. The LA Times ran a Kaiser Health News story on the front page of its business section on May 28, 2018 entitled Health is a Hot Topic in the race for California insurance commissioner, but power is limited.

According to the article, “Poizner, who served as insurance commissioner from 2007 to 2011 as a Republican and is running now under no party banner, leads the field with 20.7% of voter preferences, according to a recent poll by Probolsky Research. Lara is in second place with 13.7%, followed by Mahmood with 6.3% and Hrizi with 5.9%. However, more than half of the respondents were undecided or declined to state their preference. The candidates who finish first and second in the primary will face off in the general election Nov. 6.”

You can read the entire article here.
Nathalie Hrizi is running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket along with Gloria La Riva for Governor, Kevin Akin for State Treasurer, CT Weber for Secretary of State, Mary Lou Finley for State Controller, John Parker for Senate and Jordan Mills for the 49th Congressional District. Hrizi is a public school teacher and organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation running on a platform demanding health care for all and to abolish the insurance companies. 

The campaign is making a final push before the election on June 5. Lawn signs are up around the state and we have been distributing palm cards to get the word out. Volunteers will be doing outreach across the state June 1 to 5 as we work hard to build support for the vote socialist campaign and to maintain ballot status for Peace and Freedom Party, the only socialist party on the ballot in California. You can join a meeting this Friday June 1 to find out more and get involved!

In order to make all of this outreach possible and build the campaign to vote socialist we need your help. Please make a donation today to help pay for the palm cards, banners, and lawn signs! Click HERE to donate any amount you can.

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