Denver Repression

Fronte Popolare (Popular Front – Italy): Solidarity with the political prisoners of the anti-racist struggle in the USA!

Note from the PSL: We are deeply appreciative of the many solidarity statements we have received from around the country and the world. If your organization would like to offer a statement, please send it to [email protected]. We will be collecting and posting more statements soon. Individuals can also sign the petition demanding freedom for the arrested organizers here and make a donation to provide support for their case here.

We are witnessing with dismay and concern, in recent weeks, the succession of repressive initiatives against anti-racist activists in the United States, that have animated the mobilization of the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months.

The U.S. classist regime and the Donald Trump ultra-reactionary administration are making every effort to suppress with violence and intimidation the wave of protest that followed the murder of George Floyd.

In this context, Russell Ruch, Lilian House, Joel Northam and Eliza Lucero, activists of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Denver, Colorado, have been arrested. Jailed for having been among the organizers of important initiatives of the anti-racist movement, they are now at risk of being condemned to heavy prison sentences based on false and pretextual charges.

To the arrested comrades and their Party, the PSL, to which Fronte Popolare is united by a strong internationalist bond, we express our solidarity and active support.

Not a step back in the face of repression and reaction!

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