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Protesters in Georgia demand justice for Jabril Robinson

Jabril Robinson. Liberation photo.

On November 13 the family of Jabril Robinson gathered with other local activists at the Georgia State Capitol to demand justice. Young Jabril had been killed in 2016 by police officers who have so far gone without any consequences.

You can sign the petition for Jabril Robinson here.

“This could’ve been anybody just like me, anyone who has dreads, anyone from Clayton County. That’s why this is personal for me,” said Johnny Ross, cofounder of the Justice For Georgia Coalition which organized the protest. 

The coalition is also calling for a march this November 16 at 1 pm in Clayton County beginning at the Flat Shoals Park.

“He was trying to deescalate the situation by leaving,” said Niya Robinson, the sister of Jabril speaking with Liberation News about the circumstances of his murder. “He was at his girlfriends house on May 16, 2016”, she explained. “They got into an altercation and the girlfriend’s family called the police so he left on foot. Police showed up and said they were going to find him… but when they caught him they shot him twice in the back and once in the head.”

She continued speaking about his life: “He was an upcoming rapper and a big provider for his mother and siblings; he was overprotective of his family. He loved to draw and rap was his favorite thing to do. He was 23 when he died. His death was devastating for us and everything has been very stressful since then.”

All people of conscience should stand up against this racist incident of police brutality, to support his family and to continue to struggle against all forms of white supremacy.

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