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PSL condemns attack on Sudanese Communist Party

The Party for Socialism and Liberation condemns the outrageous attack, looting and occupation of the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party. The May 25 raid was conducted by soldiers of the Rapid Support Forces — one of the two main military factions vying for control of the country. We stand in solidarity with the Communist Party, which is being persecuted for its role fighting to achieve social justice and the end of military rule. 

Hundreds of people have died in over a month of devastating fighting between the RSF and the regular Army of the country. Both oppose the goals of the 2018 movement that overthrew President Omar al-Bashir and was sparked by IMF-backed, anti-poor economic measures. But after al-Bashir was ousted, the armed forces attempted to maintain control and prevent the formation of an elected, civilian government. 

The Sudanese Communist Party has played a major role throughout this process, marked by both the heroic resistance of the people and terrible violence directed against them. The RSF attack on the Communist Party headquarters is an attempt to repress and intimidate the entire democratic movement of the people of Sudan.

We demand the immediate end to the occupation of the headquarters and the return of all stolen property of the Communist Party. And we join with the people’s movement of Sudan in demanding an immediate end to the fighting between the RSF and the Army, along with the end of any military factions’ rule of the country. 

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