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PSL greetings to the Communist Party of Cuba’s 8th Congress

To General of the Army and First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Raúl Castro Ruz;

To President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and to all delegates of the Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba:

On behalf of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in the United States, we send you revolutionary greetings and solidarity on the occasion of the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba. We salute your congress as you begin your deliberations on the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of the Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution, April 16. The words Fidel Castro pronounced on April 16 will never cease to inspire us and all revolutionaries, when he declared, “That is what they cannot pardon of us, that we are here under their noses and that we have made a Socialist Revolution under the very nose of the United States!” 

We celebrate, too, the 60th anniversary of Cuban people’s great victory at Playa Girón, the first defeat of U.S. imperialism in the Western Hemisphere. Then and now, the empire grossly miscalculates when it believes its massive military arsenal and economic and financial weapons are capable of defeating the Cuban people by invasion, terrorism and the longest blockade ever imposed on a country.

Cuba, with a people steeped in resistance, guided by socialist ideals and a great spirit of international solidarity, has shown the world that it is only socialism that can resolve the critical and growing problems facing all humanity and life itself on Earth.

The Communist Party of Cuba — with its deep links with the Cuban people, the historical revolutionary leadership of Fidel Castro and its Martí and Marxist-Leninist roots — is the organized vanguard and guarantor of Cuba’s irrevocable Revolution. 

The last 13 months have seen the world gripped by the pandemic with millions of people ill or who have died, and an economic crisis not only exacerbated by COVID19 but by the very nature of capitalism. Rather than worldwide cooperation to overcome the virus, U.S. imperialism has used every method possible to continue seeking to asphyxiate the Cuban people, as well as the peoples of Venezuela, Iran, the DPRK, and to increase military threats against China and Russia.

In this extremely challenging time for Cuba, we salute your doctors and health workers who have traveled to dozens of countries to save lives, and your biotechnology scientists who have achieved incredible results with Soberana 02, Abdala and other vaccine lines. 

Our Party has long stood in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, your Party and people. As you embark on the debates of your Congress, we wish you success in the implementation of the resolutions. Know that we will continue to defend Cuba’s socialist Revolution no matter the cost, as we too fight against the U.S. blockade and for socialism in our country.

Long Live Fidel and Raúl!

Long Live the Communist Party of Cuba!

Down with the U.S. Blockade!

Brian Becker and Gloria La Riva,

for the Central Committee,

Party for Socialism and Liberation

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