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PSL solidarity statement: Devastating quake hits Turkey and Syria

Photo: Destruction in the city of Diyarbakır, Turkey. Public domain

The Party for Socialism and Liberation sends our solidarity to the peoples of Turkey and Syria, as well as everyone impacted by the devastating earthquakes that hit both countries on Feb. 6, and destroyed more than 10 cities in the southeast region of Turkey as well northern Syria. 

As of the time of this writing, the combined death toll surpassed 5,000 people. That number will only increase as there are many still trapped under collapsed buildings. The death toll will unfortunately likely increase even further given the complete inability of the AKP government of Turkey to coordinate the relief effort and deployment of rescue teams despite the resources they have and given the U.S. sanctions against Syria.

As the Party for Socialism and Liberation, we also stand in full solidarity with and salute the comrades of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) who have fully mobilized their whole organization to coordinate and provide relief and rescue efforts.

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