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PSL Statement: Solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party

Photo: Symbol of the Sudanese Communist Party

The Party for Socialism and Liberation condemns in the strongest terms the recent repressive measures targeting the leading members of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) and the mass movement for democracy in general.

We demand an immediate release of comrades Alkhateeb, Political Secretary of the CC and Salih Mahmoud, member of the Polit Bureau of the SCP who were detained upon their return from Juba, the Republic of South Sudan and who are being kept in an unknown location. 

Along with other members of SCP and the Movement for the Liberation of Sudan, comrades Alkhateeb and Salih were in Juba for a meeting with the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Sudan to organize a broad front of revolutionary forces and mobilize the masses for peaceful actions to put an end to the military rule and establish a civil and democratic rule.

We stand in solidarity with the comrades of SCP and the people of Sudan as they continue to organize against the military rule despite the ongoing repression at the hands of the security forces of the military.

Free comrades Alkhateeb and Salih Mahmoud!

Long live the Sudanese Communist Party!

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