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PSL statement: U.S. imperialism seeks counter-revolution in Cuba

The Party for Socialism and Liberation stands in full solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, its government and people in the struggle against the latest sinister counterrevolutionary efforts of U.S. imperialism.

The 60-year-old blockade and hundreds of sanctions imposed under the Trump administration have caused grave shortages of food, medicines, electricity and other necessities of life. The shortages have greatly exacerbated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the island. The pandemic has virtually eliminated the economically vital tourism industry, greatly reduced remittances and contributed to major problems in the already-limited global supply chains serving the island.  

In the last day, protests have been taking place in Cuba focused on the shortages and economic deprivations caused by the intensification of the U.S. blockade during the time of COVID. The corporate media in the United States is pointing to these demonstrations as evidence that the people of Cuba oppose the revolutionary government. As always, these outlets are completely distorting the situation and covering up the criminal role of the United States. And they are ignoring the mobilizations held in response by Cubans who support the revolution, as well as the efforts of the top leadership of the country to directly engage with the people in the areas where the demonstrations occurred. 

The United States has a long and bloody history of coups and “regime change” operations, including in Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Greece, Chile, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Ukraine and elsewhere. Most often in recent years, coups have come in the form of “color revolutions,” beginning with what falsely appear to be spontaneous popular protests, following the imposition of extreme sanctions and blockades designed to strangle the targeted country’s economy and foment discontent. Like other “color revolution” coup attempts, such as in Venezuela in 2014, the break-out of the protests at the same time suggests planning by opposition elements.

Since the Revolution took power in 1959, Cuba has endured hundreds of U.S.-sponsored terrorist attacks, CIA assassination attempts of its leaders, and a relentless and vicious economic war aimed at cutting off Cuban trade not only with the United States but the entire world. For more than six decades, Washington has sought to inflict the greatest suffering on the people in the hope that would lead to counterrevolution. All of these measures are a form of punishment for Cuba for having broken free after 60 years as a U.S. neo-colony and set out on a course of independent development. 

No working person in the United States should be fooled – this is the latest manifestation of an imperialist war to destroy Cuban independence and socialism. U.S. hands off Cuba!

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