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PSL statement: We condemn the police attacks against student Gaza encampments

Photo: Protesters support the encampment at Columbia University on the day of the April 30 police attack

The Party for Socialism and Liberation condemns the outrageous police attack against student encampments at colleges and universities around the country that have been organized in opposition to U.S. support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

The students have been demanding not only a ceasefire, but a complete end to U.S. support for the Israeli regime. Students have called for universities and colleges to divest as part of a larger movement that is sweeping the country demanding that all U.S. corporate entities and other institutions cut financial ties with Israel.

The Israeli government has been condemned by the people of the world for its genocidal assault against the people in Gaza. Nonetheless, the Biden administration continues to finance and arm Israel’s killing spree.

The students who have been targeted by the police, who have been arrested and brutalized, represent the conscience of the people of the United States. The outrageous attack by the police on students in Columbia University and throughout the country will not stop the growing movement in support of the Palestinian people and in opposition to the U.S. financing of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

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