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Sanders supporters talk democracy in Albuquerque, N.M.

Benjamin Wood wants equal rights and equal opportunity.

At the May 20 Bernie Sanders rally in downtown Albuquerque, NM, homemade signs with people’s demands far outnumbered any official campaign signs. The Sanders supporters enthusiastically showed support for the kind of democracy that the people want to win.

The rally drew huge lines of people numbering ten thousand strong; those in attendance  had many comments to share with Liberation News about their desire to win real democracy, wrestle power from the rich and awaken new layers of workers into the political arena.

The Ruiz sisters want to fight unfair elections.

“It’s obviously unfair. Doesn’t everybody have the chance to get their voice heard? Don’t voters matter? Is this truly a fair election?” Angelica and Ari Ruiz voiced the concerns about the fairness of the system in response to the Nevada Sanders delegate vote suppression.

“The whole system is corrupt…At least to have everyone able to vote, so we are not just voting for two people that are for parties that are paid off by corporations and the wealthy…that continuously screw over the middle class,” Jason Zwicke said and then added: “People have a right to be angry about the system and they will only continue to get more angry.”

Jamera Simons is calling on others to participate with her.

“When we have money in politics the way that we do now that takes away the political equality that is the core bedrock of democracy,” explained Katrina Taylor. “The way the electoral college is and the way that our country is–It’s made for the people in power to maintain power,” added Tom Leggett.

“I’ve been encouraged to see more and more people–despite nothing in the media–and the official clamp down keeping Bernie out,” commented Ed Cattonburger on the relationship of power to the burgeoning movement.

“My mom is an activist, and she took me to my first rally and that changed my point of view a lot, because going around and listening to what people have to say changed who I see as being a leader,” said Isabel Miramontes, a 15-year-old who has newly come into the political movement. “A lot of people don’t understand what is going on, you know, like people go for Trump and don’t look for facts of what is going on in the world.”

Daniel Leeb has enthusiastically joined politics.

Isabel was not the only new participant present. Daniel Leeb told Liberations News: “I’ve never been involved before so this is my first time voting. Before I never payed attention. I didn’t know anything about the elections and now everyday I’m involved.”

The vision forward

When asked about their concept of democracy, the people expressed clear beliefs.

“Any government where the people have a say. My opinion of what it is has not changed, but my my opinion of what it should be has changed dramatically. To give not only equal rights, but equal opportunity,” explained Benjamin Woods.

“Wealth-equality and the practice of an involved population. A free and open media that is not owned by corporate interests. It is so critically important to participate in democracy and make our voices heard,” said Jamera Simons of her vision.

“There’s a lot of people turning out because we value one another and we value democracy,” upheld Cate Riverstone on the core of a true democracy.

Liberation Photos: John McDevitt

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