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Seattle anti-fascists outnumber 3 percenters

Liberation photo
Liberation photo

On Dec. 1, Seattle activists stood united against the “Washington 3 percenters” and affiliated far-right groups including Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. The 3 percent is a militia type grouping that provided security to the “Unite the Right” rally in 2017 in Charlottesville. Anti-fascist demonstrators outnumbered the ultraright by about two to one.

The rationale for the 3 Percent event was to protest “Left Wing Media Bias” which they claim they experienced in August when Patriot Prayer held an action as part of a national day against “Left Wing Violence.” That action was also vastly outnumbered by anti-fascists.

A massive Seattle Police Department  presence blocked off the  sidewalk directly across from the fascist rally which was located on City Hall Plaza. Anti-fascist counter protesters were made to gather kitty-corner to City Hall instead of directly across the street, where counter protesters have gathered many times before.

Nonetheless, anti-fascist spirits were high as picketers were joined by members of the Rise Up Action Band. Chanting continued for the duration of the action, from 12 noon until about 3 pm. The anti-fascist coalition will continue to remain mobilized for action.


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