Socialist José Cortés runs for Congress in San Diego

The people of San Diego need an advocate who represents the working class. This has been no more apparent than in the immediate success of José Cortés’s campaign launch. People from all over the county, excited by the prospect of a real socialist with a platform for revolution, have supported the campaign for months by collecting signatures and educating other voters. As José Cortés’s campaign grows, so does San Diego’s revolutionary spirit, ignited by the collective efforts of the many. 

The sustained efforts of supporters and community members have paid off, securing a position on the ballot for the 50th congressional district of San Diego. The popularity of Cortes’ platform galvanized a large team of supporters to take to the streets. They successfully canvassed communities for months, amassing enough popular support to overcome the prohibitively expensive ballot registration fees.

The San Diego Justice Center, a community space for local organizations and activists, was filled to standing room for the campaign launch of a new candidate for California’s 50th district (East San Diego County). The congressional candidate spoke to a room of old and new supporters alike. He delivered a message of energy and optimism for the district’s most vulnerable communities:

“I have seen career politicians operate as though the district is their own personal stepping stone, political theatre, or family legacy while there are real peoples’ lives that are being consumed like kindling in a fire. Conditions are sharpening in my home district and lines are being drawn on key issues like immigration, prison reform, war, and education. Will the 50th district be left to fascism, its people of color under increasing waves of racist attacks? I say hell no!”

José Cortés has spent most of his life in the 50th district. Having moved there with his family as a child, he has seen first-hand the strength of East County’s working class. Additionally, he has seen the issues that plague them as a result of a profit-motivated local government.

José Cortés been on the frontlines of the fight against police brutality, concentration camps, and the exploitation of low-income tenants. He has helped organize for national liberation in Barrio Logan alongside Chicano Park defenders, he stands  in solidarity with the struggle for socialism in Venezuela and Cuba, and he supports the right of self-determination and reparations for the people of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all nations oppressed by U.S. imperialism and colonialism. It is this experience and expertise that José plans to bring to the 50th district.

“This is easily one of the proudest moments of my life: the moment I get to stand in solidarity with the working and oppressed people of the world in demanding our human dignity.”

Video on the José Cortés for Congress 2020 platform on housing. More policy videos to come!

Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation in supporting Jose Cortes’ campaign on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket in California. Follow the campaign on Facebook (, Twitter (@cortes4congress) and Instagram (@CortesForCongress) for updates. Please consider donating here to help raise money for the campaign:

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