Socialist presidential candidate Gloria La Riva: Democratic Party afraid of democracy

Gloria La Riva

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“It has been truly disgusting to see in the last few days the great lengths that the Democratic Party elite will go to in order to disenfranchise the millions of people in the states yet to vote in the primaries,” said Gloria La Riva, presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. “The rigged state convention in Nevada, where Sanders supporters were denied their full right to participate and the chair blatantly disregarded the will of the elected delegates is just one example. The Sanders delegates refused to accept this quietly, and we in the PSL hope to see the same kind of militancy in every state convention and the national convention in Philadelphia.”

“Sanders won in a landslide in Oregon – in fact the only county that he did not win went to Clinton by a single vote. The Clinton machine has deep ties in Kentucky, and the virtual tie there is a blow to its campaign. This shows that the primary race will go on despite attempts by the Clinton campaign and the rest of the Democratic Party to extinguish the grassroots insurgency represented by the Sanders campaign.” La Riva added.

La Riva continued: “Trump is a disgusting bigot, the embodiment of the worst excesses of the capitalist system — there are not strong enough words to describe him. But Hillary Clinton is such an obvious tool of Wall Street, such a transparent war-monger, that she has only a razor-thin and shrinking lead over Trump in the polls. The Democratic Party cannot stop the rise of the far-right wing, only a mass movement in the streets that puts forward a vision for a whole new type of society can do that.

“The Democratic Party establishment is kicking its lesser-of-two-evils blackmail into high gear, arguing that the only way to beat Donald Trump is to fall in line behind Hillary Clinton. We need to see beyond the current election cycle that every year brings us a worse and worse pair of choices. Break the cycle, vote socialist, and fight for a socialist society where the right to education, housing, health care, a job and a real say over your future are guaranteed.”

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