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Solidarity with the Peace Association of Turkey – shut down by the Erdogan regime

The Party for Socialism and Liberation extends its solidarity to the Peace Association of Turkey, which has just been shut down as part of the latest repressive measure by the AKP regime. It is a clear attempt to intimidate the progressive movement and eliminate challenges to President Erdogan’s right wing, increasingly dictatorial government.

The Peace Association of Turkey does critically important work in the struggle against war in a region that has been the focus of imperialist intervention for many years. It organized against the murderous U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and mobilizes solidarity with the Palestinian people as they resist Zionist and imperialist attacks. As the U.S. government and its junior partners continue their aggression in Syria, the Peace Association is fighting to put an end to the foreign intervention that has caused such tremendous suffering.

The PSL has worked extensively in these areas of struggle as well. All anti-war and anti-imperialist organizations should view the attack on the Peace Association of Turkey as an attack on us all.

The attack on the Peace Association is being carried out on the pretext of a decree from the Turkish Interior Ministry. It is a completely unlawful order that violates the basic democratic rights of the Turkish people. 370 other organizations have been ordered to cease their activities under this measure.

The Turkish government ridiculously argues that the Peace Association was shut down due to “relations with terrorist groups that are harmful to national security”. We in the United States know all too well how capitalist governments use the threat of terrorism as a pretext to expand their repressive powers.

The PSL is committed to continuing to build the anti-war movement from the heart of world imperialism. We are confident that the progressive and working class movement in Turkey will be able to overcome this latest attack and all of the repression the AKP regime directs at them.


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