State targets Latina student assaulted by white supremacists

On November 22, Jessica Aguilar, a college student, walked into the “West Justice Center” again for her defense against assault charges following an incident which took place at a March 25 Trump #MAGA rally in Huntington Beach, California. Aguilar, an anti-racist protester, is the only remaining defendant of the incident despite video and photo evidence exonerating her.

The Huntington Beach rally made headlines in the media.  Trump supporters and white supremacists heckling and then violently assaulted multiple progressive and left-wing protesters in addition to a journalist with the OC Weekly. That OC Weekly reporter has published photo and video evidence  documenting acts of violent attacks from right-wing provocateurs which prove Aguilar acted in self-defense and is innocent of the assault charges. Yet she remains the sole target of the corrupt Orange County District Attorney.

The mainstream corporate media portrayed the incident as just another senseless political fight in large degree egged on by Antifa. This view of things obscures glaring facts and misconstrues the essence of the real story, which is that far-right white supremacists found cover inside the Trump movement’s racism, dog-whistling and ultra-nationalism for their fascist violence against “minorities” and leftists.

It was less than a dozen vastly outnumbered people who protested the #MAGA rally with signs against racism who were attacked by the fascist DIY Division (later renamed the Rise Above Movement or RAM), Anti-Communist Action, and members of the neo-Nazi Hammerskins street gang. RAM is part of the so-called “alt-right” movement and was recently exposed in a lengthy ProPublica article.

Under capitalism, the state, court system, and police seek to preserve the status quo and dominance of finance capital and play a foundational role central to capitalism. Fascist groups similar to RAM and ACA have been utilized by past capitalist states to preserve order in times of deep crisis. Though we are not currently in a period of such crisis, the state till allows these kinds of groups to exist and protects them.

We demand the state immediately drop all charges against Aguilar! We raise our fists in solidarity with all anti-racist protestors in this country!

Call or write the Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas at 714-834-3952, 700 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, CA 92701 and ask that all charges against Aguilar be dropped.

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