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Statement from Venezuelan social movements to Embassy Protectors in U.S.

The following is a statement of solidarity from the human rights organizations of Venezuela to the Embassy Protection Collective in Washington, D.C. Translation by Liberation News. 

Caracas, May 3rd, 2019.

Collective for the Protection of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United States of America (Embassy Protection Collective-EPC)

Receive a fraternal greeting from the human rights organizations of Venezuela, social and popular movements from Venezuela. We wish to express our most energetic support and our deepest gratitude for the struggle you are currently waging in favor of the right of our people to self-determination, sovereignty and democracy. Your defense of the headquarters of the Embassy of the Venezuelan State in Washington, D.C. is an emblematic case of struggle for respect of international law, human rights and the right of peoples to choose their own form of government. Your actions help to create awareness of the injustice and arbitrary nature of the actions of the government of President Donald Trump against the Venezuelan population. It becomes a scenario that sheds light onto the illegality, the injustice and immorality of the ongoing threats of military invasion, the coup d’état and the economic blockade applied against our country by the Trump administration. We have been paying attention to the serious violations of your human rights committed by the police of your country, which have tried to expel you from the headquarters of our Embassy through acts of violence and disproportionate use of force. These are unacceptable acts that violate U.S. international commitments, as well as its own constitutional legal order. Count on our organizations and the Venezuelan people to bring awareness to these events and, if necessary, to accompany and support you in any actions you may decide to take before international bodies.

The defense of the most elementary principles and values of international law is a task of shared responsibility which involves us all as a whole, across all cultures, nationalities, political ideologies creeds, and across any other distinction. The Sovereignty and Self-determination of the Peoples and their right to grow and develop freely according to their own cultures and interests, is at stake before this new imperial onslaught. For that reason we the militants and human rights defenders, pool together our efforts as children of the Great Homeland to undertake whatever actions may be necessary to continue to struggle in the name of human dignity, of respect for the right to be and to exist in the world. Finally, we wish to reiterate our gratitude for your invaluable actions of solidarity with our people, with human rights and peace.

1. Sures.
2. Embassy of Human Rights (Embajada de Derechos Humanos)
3. Gender with Class (Género con Clase)
4. Blind Network (Red Ciega)
5. Breaking the Rule (Rompiendo la Norma)
6. Association of Victims of the Caracazo and Terrorism of the Fourth Republic State ASOVIC 27F (Asociación de Víctimas del Caracazo y del Terrorismo de Estado Cuartorepublicano ASOVIC 27F)
7. Intersaber
8. National Platform of Revolutionary Lesbian Women (Plataforma Nacional de Mujeres Lesbianas Revolucionarias)
9. National Council of Sex Diversity (Consejo Nacional de la Sexo Diversidad)
10. Free People Foundation (Fundación Pueblo Libre)
11. World Without Borders Foundation (Fundación Mundo Sin Fronteras)
12. SANNADE Civil Association. (Asociación Civil SANNADE.)
13. Kings of Heart Foundation (Fundación Reyes de Corazón)
14. Foundation of victims of peasant hired killers (Fundación de víctimas del sicariato campesino)
15. Colectivo Guillermo Ribas (Colectivo Guillermo Ribas)
16. Venezuelan Association of Jurists (Asociación Venezolana de Juristas)
17. Clara Zetkin Women’s Movement (Movimiento de Mujeres Clara Zetkin)
18. Organization Active and Social Participation. (Organización Participación Activa y Social.)
19. Vice Presidency of Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Democratic Women’s Federation (FDIM). (Vicepresidencia de América Latina y Caribe de la Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres (FDIM).)
20. Frente Francisco de Miranda (Frente Francisco de Miranda)
21. Chapter Venezuela of Alba Movimientos (Capítulo Venezuela de Alba Movimientos)
22. Alba TV
23. The Other School (La Otra Escuela)
24. Collective Network The Feminist Spider (Red de Colectivos La Araña Feminista)
25. R Skirts, (Faldas R,)
26. October Movement (Movimiento de octubre)
27. Left Cultural Front (Frente Cultural de Izquierda)
28. Movement Other Beta (Movimiento Otro Beta)
29. Movement of Villagers and Villagers (Movimiento de Pobladoras y Pobladores)
30. Bolívar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora)
31. Foundation for the right to housing (Fundación por el derecho a la vivienda)
32. Popular feminist movement Lydia Franco Farias (Movimiento feminista popular Lydia Franco Farias)

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