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Syracuse fights for $15

On April 15 about low-wage workers from around the Syracuse area joined the actions across the country in the fight to raise low-wage workers’ hourly wage to $15 an hour. People ranging from gas station workers to former low wage workers spoke at the rally to build solidarity. The 1199 SEIU local union chapter and the Workers Center of CNY organized the rally.

It is important for even small cities to hold these rallies/protests, especially for a de-industrialized city like Syracuse. Most working class jobs in Syracuse are service sector jobs which are extremely low paying. Without them, the city literally shuts down. The city runs on service workers of all kinds it is time to pay them the wages they deserve.

Laura Brown, one of the main organizers, says that “if we get enough people we will hold a strike here in Syracuse.” The time for workers in Syracuse is now. Readers who would like to get involved in the struggle for fighting for  a living wage for all call or email the Workers Center of CNY:  (315) 218-5708 or [email protected]. The capitalists, acting out in their own class interests, have to focus on profits and the bottom-line. They will not concede to these demands unless we force them!

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