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Tacoma Art Museum workers win free parking as they fight for union recognition

Since announcing their decision to organize a union and not “not leave one worker behind,” the members of Tacoma Art Museum Workers Union in Tacoma, Washington, workers have been carrying out a pressure campaign to demand the museum board voluntarily recognize the union. Community organizations have been flyering at the museum alongside museum workers to show their support.

Workers organize and win free, safer parking

One of the most egregious of the unfair treatments faced by staff has been that of paid parking. Until now, museum staff have had to pay the parking fee for the duration of their eight-hour shift, just like museum visitors. The lot itself was at the same time dealing with security issues like broken lights. This always made museum staff even more uncomfortable, having to pay $12 a day for an unlit and unsafe lot. Many felt it was especially unjust that they pay for parking while board members park for free, and much of the money for the fee went directly into the museum’s revenue stream.

Since TAM workers decided to organize, they have made their demand for free, safe parking known. The lights in the parking lot were fixed, and since February, parking has been free. Of course, this is the first of many wins that the workers wish to secure, starting with the Board’s voluntary recognition of their union.

Community members flyering at TAM alongside museum workers. TAMWU photo.

While the board continues to be willfully ignorant and disrespectful of the needs of the museum staff, these workers have decided to not back down. 

You can support the workers at TAM by visiting their webpage, signing their petition and following their progress on social media. Those able to visit Tacoma are welcome to come patronize the museum and let the workers know you stand in solidarity with them!

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