The August 2nd national march for Gaza was a huge success! I just wanted to share this update by the ANSWER Coalition:

In one of the largest mobilizations in solidarity with Palestine in the  United States ever, tens of thousands of people from all across the  country converged in Washington, D.C., for a rally and march to protest  the ongoing massacre in Gaza and the U.S. government’s support for  Israeli war crimes. The massive demonstration received wide media  coverage, and is further proof that the world is uniting for Palestine.

The demonstration received widespread coverage in the media, challenging the dominant pro-Israel narrative. The Washington Post reported that “A demonstration drew thousands to the White House and the streets of downtown Washington on Saturday afternoon.” ABC News said the demonstration turned “Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Square, the park opposite the White House, into a sea of demonstrators.”

The politicians and commentators who claim to speak in the name of the  American people when they endorse Israel’s crimes are lying. People are
pouring onto the streets in the United States and everywhere else in the world to demand: “Free Palestine – let Gaza live!”

If you have images of the  demonstration or people traveling to the demonstration, please send them to [email protected] Click here to see photos from the protest.