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The Deepening Assault on Core Democratic Rights in the USA

This interview is an episode of The Socialist Program with Brian Becker, a podcast providing news and views about the world for those who want to change it. You can follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The United States is in the midst of a political upheaval right now, after the 2020 uprising, the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, and the Dobbs decision that overturned one of the Supreme Court’s biggest decisions — access to abortion under Roe v. Wade. The right wing is on the move and the left needs a clear understanding of just where they’re headed and how to be able to effectively fight back. What does Dobbs indicate for other democratic rights that we thought were guaranteed?

Producer Nicole Roussell and Brian discuss the very significant political changes in the domestic policy situation in the United States, and the Attica prison uprising and massacre 51 years ago today.

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