‘Til All The Flowers Bloom’: New issue of Breaking the Chains magazine now available!

Get your copy of the new issue of Breaking the Chains here!

The new issue of Breaking the Chains has been released! Breaking the Chains is a one-of-its-kind feminist, socialist magazine, deeply connected to the everyday experiences of working women from generations past to today. The magazine intervenes in the political landscape at a time when we desperately need a new militant women’s movement. The creators, who edit, write, design, draw and produce the magazine are women workers and activists in our communities who believe that capitalism is the basis for the oppression of women and socialism is a necessary step to overturn that oppression.

The murder of 6 Asian women in Atlanta is a symptom of a much larger problem — the deep interconnection between racism and war, or more specifically, imperialist aggression on the part of the U.S. ruling class. Like racism, sexism and misogyny are deeply embedded in the machinery of capitalist war. U.S. domestic and imperialist policies toward Asians utilize racism and sexism as a tool putting women at the heart of U.S. aggression both as targets and as actors in resistance. In “Til all the Flowers Bloom” we seek to develop a framework we can use in struggles against patriarchal and racist oppression. This issue seeks to deepen our understanding of how U.S. imperialist expansion fuels racism and misogyny and what it means to struggle for solidarity.

This issue includes:

  • Imperialist aggression against China
  • A Marxist analysis on the Asian working class in the United States
  • Garment workers’ strikes
  • Art and more!

Get your copy of the new issue of Breaking the Chains here!

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