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Times Square action says: ‘Fight racism, not Russia!’

Braving the below-freezing temperatures, about a hundred protestors gathered in New York City’s Times Square, chanting, “Fight racism, not Russia,” “No NATO, no war,” and “From Ukraine to the Philippines, stop the U.S. war machine!” The event was hosted by CODEPINK as part of a nationwide day of action to call for peace and was co-sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition, along with other organizations, including Veterans for Peace, U.S. Peace Action, Workers World Party and the International Action Center.

Kei Pritsker of ANSWER addressed the anti-democratic nature of the U.S. military and the need to focus on the real enemies of working people. “It wasn’t Russia that was forcing us to go back to work during a global pandemic so our bosses could grind out a little extra profit. … It was Wall Street,” Pritsker declared. “If we didn’t spend a trillion dollars every year on war, we could pay for rent subsidies, we could pay for public housing!”

Liberation photo: Wyatt Souers

Featured photo: Liberation News, Wyatt Souers

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