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Voices from the Seattle Global Climate Strike

People hold a banner while others stand nearby. Banner has image of a globe and the Amazon logo  and reads: "Amazon, big footprint, big responsibility."
Amazon workers at the City Hall gathering. Liberation photo: Sean Connolly.

On Sept 20, the Global Climate Strike mobilized thousands of people in Seattle, many of them school age youth. People gathered in the morning at Cal Anderson Park, in Capitol Hill, while Amazon workers walked out at 11:30 am and gathered by “The Spheres.” The march from Cal Anderson was at least 10,000 people. Both groups marched to City Hall for a rally. Liberation News was on the scene at both gatherings and spoke with participants. 

A common theme among marchers was the need for mass action to pressure government leaders to take action on climate change. 

Gavin Lucero said, “I’m here to overwhelm our politicians with the fact that their decisions will cost everyone’s lives sooner than they think.” 

Chloe Rigler added,  “I’m here because our leaders aren’t doing anything and it’s up to us to show them we won’t rest until they do.” 

Another student stated: “If the people who are our leaders won’t do anything, I’m going to do anything in my power to try and change our state of pollution and ruin on our Earth that we currently have.” 

Some were their taking their first step into activism. 

One said: “I’ve never been to anything like this because I didn’t know how they worked and I was scared. I finally decided that it was worth taking a stand.”

Another stated: “I wanted to take a stand and help in a way I could.”

Marchers had a strong sense of urgency. “Climate change is the most important cause of our lifetimes. If we can’t fight for this, there is nothing left to fight for,“ said Spencer. 

Added Sydney: “I’m here because I live on this planet and I don’t want it to die.” 

Bethany Newton focused on the impact of environmental racism pointing out “that other countries feel the effects of climate change more than the U.S.”

Summing up the issues, Autumn said,  “We have a very short time to solve a very large problem. No single person can solve it, we must work together to create systemic change, pass regulations and dismantle the corporate system that allowed this to happen.” 

One participant said: “I am here to smash this terrible system. Showing up matters.” 


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