Workers should have the power!

As we mark May Day — International Workers’ Day — one thing is clear: Life under this system keeps getting harder and harder for working people. The cost of basic necessities has skyrocketed. A recession is on its way as  the Federal Reserve intentionally tries to create mass unemployment. Millions of people are being kicked off of Medicaid, and more cuts to other essential programs could be on the way because of the phony “debt ceiling” crisis.

The Biden administration is sitting on its hands and letting the working class suffer. It has not moved to freeze prices or provide any form of relief from the economic turmoil. When rail workers stood up for dignity, Biden trampled on their right to strike. The administration has abandoned their plans to pass any kind of progressive reform, but they have somehow found an endless supply of money to pay for war in Ukraine.

The Republicans’ ultra pro-corporate program will make the situation even worse. Because they have no real solutions, they promote racism, bigotry against LGBTQ people and other schemes to divide workers.

No one in the political establishment can be depended on to defend our interests. This is the inevitable consequence of a system — capitalism — where millionaires and billionaires make all the most important decision.

May Day is about standing up and saying that workers should have the power! Instead of a tiny handful of bankers and corporate executives, the people should run the economy and the government so we can meet the needs of the people and the planet.

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