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Thousands demand end to family separation in Boston

On June 30, the Boston Commons was hot, humid and filled with thousands of enraged protestors. Earlier that week, Trump’s declaration of  the “zero tolerance” policy sparked thousands of protests across the country. The rally in Boston was sponsored by over a hundred unions, progressive alliances and campaigns. Additionally, later in the afternoon hundreds gathered to shut down South Bay County Jail and Detention Center, protesting its cooperation with ICE.
The rally protested the inhuman immigration policy which separated immigrant families, including those who sought political asylum at the U.S. border. The policy was executed by ICE, a program run through the Department of Homeland Security that is used to police and terrorize immigrants. Over 2,000 children were detained and separated from their parents, often brought to undisclosed locations.
Speakers called for not only the reuniting of families, but also immediate release of asylum seekers and freedom for all immigrants. Members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation spoke on behalf of the #Justice4Siham campaign, a coalition of local groups working in support of Siham Biyah. She is a long-time organizer and political asylum seeker who, in November 2017, was detained by ICE and eventually deported. Siham’s son Naseem remains in the United States (yet another family separated by ICE) while the #Justice4Siham campaign continues its efforts to reunite them.
Through the “zero tolerance” policy, Trump has escalated racist attacks and terrorization of immigrants throughout the nation. Now is the time to form progressive and revolutionary alliance and demand full rights all immigrants!
No deportations! Abolish ICE! Reunite all families!

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